Corporate Team Building in Orange County

Ropes Course Team Building Orange CountyWe realize that Corporate Team Building doesn’t immediately jump out as a bachelor party related activity. We happen to think that it’s the perfect type of activity for your next bachelor or bachelorette party. We DO have a vested interest in this… cause we run corporate team building events as a separate business. That just means we’re bringing our kick awesome expertise to the table!

What can Team Building offer my party?

Challenge! Every group likes a good challenge or competition. We can structure events for you that are cooperative or competitive. Either way, you’ll push, struggle, and laugh your way to a trophy or goal. Along the way you’ll find out a little bit more about yourselves, the groom, and be a stronger group for having the experience. A bachelor party should focus on memories rather than secrets.

What type of Team Building Activities are there?

Throwdown rally – A scavenger hunt style event that blends elements of Survivor and The Amazing Race.

High Ropes Adventure – Take your group up on  a high ropes course. It’s like an obstacle course 40 feet off the ground. Does your group have what it takes to make it through?

Tactical Takedown – In the scenario based shooting simulator theres a TWIST…. if you miss, the belt you’re wearing delivers a physical SHOCK. Can you fight through the pain to rescue the hostage? Save the day? Will you be able to depend on your team mates?

Other team building ideas in Orange County or Los Angeles include Graffiti Art lessons, scavenger hunt, surf lessons, and more. For more information contact FireFly Team Events in Orange County at 877.267.1939 or and visit their website at


Bachelorette Party Tip of the Day #2 – Guest List

Guest List

Wehn making your guest list for the bachelorette party, you should focus on memories or meaning rather than going big. What is going to make this party memorable(in a good way) for the Bride? Should you invite EVERYONE she knows or just a few close friends. Mom? Grandma? Super gossip Aunt Sally? The most common size we see for bachelorette parties is 8 to 12 people. Beyond 12 it becomes more difficult to manage, to plan, and make decisions. Larger parties can be fun but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.


Tips for Planning Your Bachelorette Party

We have put together a few tips and pointers when choosing your  perfect bachelorette party with FireFly Group Events in Orange County or San Diego.

The secret of a good event is to plan ahead! We know how busy you are along with the responsibilities you have for the wedding. We know how stressful it can be planning an event, along with it being time consuming, that’s why the professionals at FireFly are here to help organize an event everyone is talking about for years to come. Each vendor we work with is a professional at what they do, they will take special care of you on your event – they say leave it to the experts, so we do.

Here are a few pointers:

  • You need to sit down with the bride and plan out the guest list. Chocolate making might not be good for the bride’s diabetic mother.
  • Think about the number of people you want to invite, up to 20 is usually a good number, any more and things might be hard to control and get out of hand
  • grannylapdanceSet the tone of the night, is it just your closest that are coming or will Grandma and your mother-in-law be invited as well – I am sure you don’t want your new mother in-law seeing you a little tipsy having a lap dance from a Chippendale!
  • Plan your bachelorette event a couple of months time prior to the big night or weekend – this will give you enough time for everyone invited to plan ahead, it also means you will definitely get the activities you have chosen.
  • Choose something unique for your event, remember this is a one off event for you and your friends and family to spend quality time together, cherish those relationships. Don’t waste it by just going out for dinner, then getting drunk and end up not remembering the fabulous event – there is more to life, so live it!
  • It is always a hassle collecting everyone’s money, especially when you don’t know everyone that is invited. With FireFly, you wont have to worry about this, you already have enough things to do. Everyone invited will log on and pay for their own seat, it means you wont be out of pocket if people don’t show up.
  • Decide if you want the bachelorette party to have a theme, think about what costumes, props and accessories you might need.  For example a burlesque theme. (check out our blog post to find some interesting themes)

cookingLesson_01 chocolateTasting_03naughty_02

Stay tuned for our next Tips for Planning Your San Diego Bachelorette Party.

Tips for Planning Your Bachelorette Party – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Tips for Planning Your Bachelorette Party.

  • Decide if you want the bachelorette party to have a theme, think about what costumes, props and accessories you might need.  For example a burlesque theme.
  • Keep in touch with the people invited on your event page, this helps if you need to arrange meeting times and places and any modes of transport.
  • Your event page will send out reminders for guests to pay, what to bring. You don’t want Auntie Carol showing up to a spa day without her swimsuit.
  • Not everyone will know each other so the event page will help get you and the other guests get acquainted before the event
  • Booking an event with FireFly will give you piece of mind when booking an event, we’ve found only the best vendors for your event. You don’t want to look like a let down before you have even gotten to the wedding day and your maid of honor duties
  • You will feel more at ease knowing that all the groundwork has been covered, remember we are the experts and it isn’t our first time!!
  • You will feel comfortable knowing that the brides future in-laws are comfortable as well.
  • Plan to have a good time and you will.

Good luck with planning the bachelorette party! If you’re in Orange County, Los Angeles, or San Diego check out our party packages ->

2013 Bachelorette Party & Bachelor Party Wishes!!!

Holiday Appocalypse

Seriously. Make this year phenomenal. Make your parties grand. Make memories. Make fun.


FireFly Events….


Bachelor Party Excuse Generator

Men. We understand that sometimes we screw up. Sometimes an explanation sounds just fine in your head…. but loses something in translation. That’s why we’ve had the scientests here at FireFly Bachelor Parties create our newest tool - The Excuse Generator. It comes with 3 great tools to help explain the mayhem that was the bachelor party.

Find an Excuse
We’ve tied into the Google machine and can now provide you with legitimate real-time real-life events that you can use to craft the ultimate story of heroics with a touch of humanity. Simply enter your zipcode and our techno wizardry will find you news events that correspond to the topic of your choice.

Create an Excuse
Simply enter a few key details in our Excuse Creator and you’ll have a custom excuse to get you out of any bachelor party related bind.

Pick an Excuse
We polled several industry greats and compiled a list of excuses that are 101% guaranteed to get you out of any jam. Just press the button and watch as the excuses leap onto the screen. It’s a crazy wonderful world we live in.

Regardless of which tool you use, please remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

The Excuse Generator

Best Man Speech Tips

We all want to wax philosophical and capture the audience like Vince Vaughn, but Vinnie We are not. As a man we can be forgiven slight lapses in propriety as we extol the virtues, or lack of, that the Groom is known for. But it’s best to stay vague when you reference actual events that were “embarrassing”. Try to keep the heat on the groom and not the rest of the wedding party. If you do involve anyone outside the Groom be sure to avoid digs at physical or mental deficiencies, things that could be hurtful. Your goal is leave the audience with some chuckles and a slight warm fuzzy.

Prepare thoroughly! Your job of writing the speech should ideally start several weeks before the big day. This will enable you to practice the speech, when to pause, the intonations of your voice, the jokes. The more you practice the less nervous you will be, remember practice makes perfect. – to be honest you will be so busy you wont have time to get nervous!

  • Run the speech by a couple of your friends, they will let you know how you are doing
  • Keep it relevant to the crowd, inside jokes with you and the groom don’t tend to translate.
  • Make a decision whether to read your speech, memorize it or write down key points to help you.
  • The ideal speech should last five to seven minutes (approximately 1000 words).Content – what should I talk about?

Honestly, speak from the heart. You’re not supposed to be Vince Vaughn or even Zac Galifianakis from the Hangover. Just be you. Because unless You is crazy drunk and hallucinating, you should be fine.

Why Justin Timberlake’s Bachelor Party should be with Us

Oi, Justin! It’s been a while[never] and here at the Firefly we are thrilled to hear about you and Jessica Biel. Even if it was through conventional media and not a phone call.. I know it’s probably a little early but given your status[celebrity badass], we need to get planning this bachelor party. Since we don’t hangout much anymore[ever], as your bygone bestie[wtf] I used the window into your soul that is your songs to come up with some great stag do ideas. It seemed to give me more ideas than your actual window. Plus your creepy security guy kept getting pushy.

To help you see how much fun we WILL have, I took some old snapshots of us I had lying around and used them to illustrate each idea. You sure can paddle Justin. I can’t wait for the world to see.

Cry Me a River

I’ll cry you a river to whitewater raft in! Isn’t it perfect? Can’t you just picture us fighting mother nature like you and the Black Eyed Peas fought hate a few years ago. Our bachelor parties love white water rafting!

- Whitewater Rafting - Everyone we’ve sent on this have had a huge time!

- After Party at Elks Lodge – These dudes know how to party .. trust me.


Sexy Back

I’ll admit, I was a little on the fence when you suggested this one with your music. But I’m finally starting to see your vision. The lights the, the cameras, the sexy. Let the hipsters have their scuzzy plaids and ratty hats. This is sooo beyond that.

- Pin-Up Photo Session & Party – It’s for the ladies but I think they’d make an exception for us.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Every time I ride the merry-go-round in the park I can’t help but be enraptured by your wisdom. It’s so true cause it always comes around. Riding the carousel made me think of being dizzy like the time we’ll climb into a giant ball and roll down a hill…. soon. No kidding, you get strapped into a giant ball and rolled. We’ve just been waiting for a bachelor party that wants to go to the smoky mountains. Apparently it’s only place  you can do it in the US. Lame. Good thing you have a fleet of private jets eh?

- Zorbing - The art of rolling down a hill in a ball (real thing)

Whatever you choose for your bachelor party Justin Timberlake, I’m sure we’ll have fun. If you lose my address again for the invites you know you won’t get the skinny on the best Denny’s.



Bachelorette Party Idea – Scavenger Hunt & Wine Bar in Los Angeles

The best way to find a good time on your bachelorette party is with our  Scaventure! Once you’re done terrorizing the city of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade on your scavenger hunt, you can head over to one of our favorite wine bars and unwind.  Over a glass of wine or 3, you can trade crazy scavenger hunt antics and relive the fun. Our Scaventure is perfect for your next birthday party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party in the Los Angeles area.

Not having your bachelorette party in Los Angeles? No problem, let us know where you’d like to host the hunt and we’ll help you make it happen. We’ve hosted parties in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, New Orleans and are adding more cities all the time.

What is a Scaventure?

Your Scaventure will be a series of challenges, findable objects, clues, trivia, and tasks that you will complete for big points. You’ll be racing the clock and the other teams to get 1st place. To win you’ll have to out think, outwit, out perform, and out create the other teams. It’s the perfect way to spend some time with the bride on her special weekend.

One of our group challenges... can you do it?

What kind of challenges are there?

We’ve packed your Scaventure with more than just challenges. You’ll have list of photos to take, items to find, and some required group challenges.  One example of a photo challenge is convincing a cute guy to remove his shirt for a group photo! In our Found items section we might ask you to bring back “Something hot”. We leave the interpretation of “hot” to you. It could be a packet of hot sauce or a picture of J-Lo. The group challenges are at assigned times and you’ll be competing as a team for big bonus points.  There is something for everyone in this scavenger hunt. We customize it to the bride because she’s the reason you’re all running around the city. =)

How many people do we need for the scavenger hunt?

The more the merrier! We can do it with as little as 6 people(price may vary) and as many as 50 or more. This is a popular event with joint bachelor parties and bachelorette parties.

What do we get at the wine bar?

A sophisticated good time with great drinks and atmosphere. You’ll have a private area just for your group in our favorite wine bar. In addition to great vintages we’ll make sure you’re well stocked with munchies. You’ll have cheese & fruit plates, hummus, bruschetta, and artisan pizzas to keep you going.


Check out our Scaventure/Wine Bar package along with tons of great bachelorette party options -


Bachelorette Party Tip of the Day – Bonding

Build in some Quality Time with the Bride

Choose something unique for your bachelorette party. Remember this is a one off event, a chance for you and your friends and family to spend quality time together. Cherish those relationships and use your time together wisely. Don’t waste it by only going out for dinner then getting drunk and end up not remembering the fabulous event – there is more to life, SO LIVE IT!