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DIY – Light up your Life

I am obsessed with lights,  candles, and lanterns  so I am sure there will be plenty more lighting DIY posts at later dates.  With a company name like FireFly we have to represent the lighting. Here are a few DIY twinkling light projects to illuminate you.

Save all your tin cans and you can make these great lanterns or table numbers.  A perfect way to recycle or upcycle.

Fine Gardening has a good tutorial on how to make them.

100 Layer Cake has a great way to number all your wedding tables using Tin Cans

Have you ever wanted to make your own paper lanterns, well Once Wed posted this tutorial up.

Here is a simple way to hang candles using mason jars.  Lifehacker have posted this inexpensive way to add some mood lighting to your next outdoor party

Love these Vintage Tea Tin Pendant Lights from Meretricious Creations on Junk Market Style.

Planners and Photogs and Costumes… Oh MY!

A few glow sticks, needle & thread, plastic bags, an iron, and a whiz to the costume store for a kids size fire woman outfit, was all it took to get us ready for the SoCal Wedding Halloween Networking Bash. Nadine got kitted out as a FireFly and I donned the mantle of the “Welfairey”. And yes, the Welfairey is the same mythical creature that flies around handing out food stamps to those in need.  With our alter egos in place we raced off for the Hills (beverly) only to come face to face with a locked gate. NO0000! Luckily, we weren’t alone and our new friends used the power of the iPhone to find a different way in. Yay!

Wedding Industry Halloween Mixer

There was a brief moment in the parking lot where Nadine and I feared no one else would be in costume. As we walked up though we saw zombies, Marie Antoinette, Mr. Miyagi, that kid from Where the Wild things are, and some other fantastic costumes. Whew!

Justin from Waveform Events leading Nadine through Thriller

Justin from Waveform Events leading everyone through Thriller

It was a great night put together by The Stylish Soiree & Contemporary Catering at Franklin Canyon Park with some help from a few others. Melody from Sweet & Saucy kept me sugared up with pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate mousse. We made some new friends (eva, tashina, shannon, justin, hunter, dana, and a few more) and put some faces to some of the blogs We follow.  We can’t wait for the next one! Thanks everyone.


Nadine with Melody from Sweet & Saucy

_MG_6071 _MG_6060 _MG_6063

Vendor Love: Interview with

We took a moment to chat with Bari from one of our favorite wedding swag vendors Weddingish sells stylish gifts and apparel for all your wedding(ish) needs. The girls at have a great sense of fashion and flair when it comes to accessorizing your party or event. Check out their long list of celebrities who have Weddingish items.  And don’t miss their eco friendly bridal party t-shirts!

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory? I’m not married, but once I fell on my butt at a wedding in the middle of the dance floor. Embarrassing!

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, and Raya Kalayjian (of Weddingish) =)
What’s your most outrageous wedding memory? I’m not married, but once I fell on my butt at a wedding in the middle of the dance floor. Embarrassing!
Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside? Beach
Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…relax and have fun!!!

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party? Color Me Sexy

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, and Jennie Garth

What’s your favorite product on your site? Something Blue Bride Tank Top

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside? Beach

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be… relax and have fun!!!

Thanks Bari!

Dynamite Weddings – How to plan a bachelorette party

We contributed an article to Dynamite Weddings on tips for planning your bachelorette party. Check out some of our tips and then check out Dynamite Weddings FANTASTIC blog!

Thanks for the love Dynamite Weddings!

Color Me Genius

I find it really difficult to make decisions. Try going to a restaurant with me and you’ll see that very clearly!  One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding, shower, or any party is what color theme to go with.  I have my favorite colors but I’m unsure what colors to match them with, whether they are too overwhelming, etc etc. Then a light bulb went off – James designed and built our fab website and when choosing our colors for the design, he gave me these three savior websites to play with. They are GENIUS!!!

I wanted to share my new found gems!

Kule is my fave! You can pick a single or a couple of colors and it will show you the tertiary, complimentary, and other graphic mumbo jumbo colors essentially making a color palate for you. You can also browse through other people’s palates(say that 3 times fast).  This rocks for picking invite colors, wedding colors, shower colors, color colors, and more colors.



Here are a couple of other great sites for picking colors, palates, patterns, and more.

Colour Lovers


Color Schemer


Vendor Love – MB Wedding Design & Events

Michelle from MB Wedding Designs is the perfect choice if you’re in need of a talented wedding planner.   Michelle believes in creating stylish events that are custom tailored to each individual’s unique style and vision.  She has a creative eye and flair, with impeccable attention to detail.   Michelle has established herself amongst the top event planners in the bay area.    You can follow Michelle through the wonderful world of weddings on her Celebrating Life blog.   You will definitely feel very relaxed and at ease with your wedding in her hands.

We took a moment to get to know Michelle a little better. She didn’t hesitate in the face of our toughest questions.

Thanks Michelle


What’s  your favorite or most popular trend in your field?
Lounge furniture! I simply love the use of lounge furniture at any event. It creates a chic ambiance, one that is inviting and allows guests to sit back and relax while enjoying

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelor/ette party?
Since I am already married and had my bachelorette party 5 years ago, a girl can only dream right? The package I would choose for my bachelorette party would be #59 Scrumptiously Sexy, which includes a cooking lesson, manicure and martini…can you say yum!

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelor/ette party? Brittany, Paris and Lindsay…oh yes I am serious! Who else would get me on the cover of US magazine, front of the line V.I.P access to the hottest club in town and the chance to rub elbows with Hollywood elite all in one night? Now that’s one great party if you ask me and a night to remember!

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory? My most outrageous wedding memory involves lifting up a 180lb. groom from the floor and laying him in the back seat of a taxi because he was two sheets to the wind….yes folks, I mean drunk. While all his groomsmen gathered around him to laugh and take photos as he laid on the grass outside of the venue, I had to come in per the bride’s request and help her lift up her now husband and carry him into the back seat of a taxi so that they could go home because he had way too much fun and could barely stand up anymore to converse with his family and friends…..sad but outrageously true story!

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside??
I am totally Beach

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
Enjoy your wedding day, don’t sweat the small stuff and hire a good planner. A good wedding planner will not only save you time, stress and money but will ensure your day goes off without a hitch so that you can thoroughly enjoy it.

There’s a mysterious chunk missing from the wedding cake, the bride’s grandmother has gone missing, and the air conditioning has broken… what do you do??
Hmmm, you love putting us planners in a tough position huh? Well, this is what I would do; if the cake is iced with butter cream I would find a spatula ASAP to spread the butter cream and fill in the gap where the missing chunk of cake is. As for the bride’s grandmother I would have one of my assistants look for her, bathrooms, balconies, outdoor areas, cars, every nook and cranny would be checked in hopes that we could find her. Then there’s the issue of the air conditioning being broke, well believe it or not this has actually happened to us before and while there isn’t a whole lot you could do, you hope and pray the venue you’re in has windows and you proceed to open all windows to let outside air come in. If you happen to have some extra hand fans handy, which I often carry, begin to hand them out to guests but only if they ask or complain about it being too hot. Often times you will notice the above mishaps go unnoticed by the guests, so the best solution is to not panic, think, gather your thoughts and then find a solution.



DIY: Getting Dirty with a Garden Theme

Despite good gardening genes(mother owns a landscaping business) I don’t have much time to get dirty in the garden.  I barely have time to water myself much less a poor defenseless plant! Despite my non-gardening lifestyle there is something about a garden themed bachelorette party or shower that appeals to me.  There are a lot of little things you can do to bring a garden theme to life.  We’ve collected a few below that are easy to make yourself and look great. Know any others?? Leave us a comment!

This Potted Banana Bread from Style Me Pretty has my mouth watering. The little terracotta pots are perfect for this!

We also loved this idea from Mrs Lollipop, really cute gifts, the test tube bud vases look great on the fridge WeddingBee Blog

Another gem found on the fabulous Style Me Pretty Blog are these Custom Seed Packs

Now that we’ve planted the seed it’s your turn to make it grow!

Have Fun!


FireFly Love – Michael Daigian Design

I love flowers – my mother used to own a gardening business in the UK.  I spent the summers  (so did a few of my friends) at School,  University and beyond, planting mowing and pruning.  I also made a really good friends bouquet for her wedding.  So I was delighted to feature the talented Michael from Michael Daigian Design.

MDD is a place where craftsmanship, experience, and originality are commonplace.  Understanding the inherent value of perfect design and treating each piece as a work of art.  They offer their work as a tribute and a treasure, where modern design is about the journey of discovery.

As a customer you will feel unique and pampered, MDD understand the importance of your occasion creating a wedding that is personalized and indulgent, expertly tailored to your desires.

We hope that with these few questions, you will find out a little bit more about the man behind MDD.  Don’t forget to check out his fabulous new blog to see more of his beautiful creations.

Michael Daigian

What’s your favorite or most popular trend in your field?
The influence and implementation of contemporary art structures in modern floral design; creativity and endless possibilities.

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelor party?
Bike tours and beer tasting

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelor party?
Obama, Einstein, and Frank Lloyd Wright

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory?
From a vendor standpoint, building a 100 foot by 80 foot pavilion in the dark and then lifting it into place.

It’s the morning after the bachelor party, there is a tiger in your room, you can’t find the groom, what do you do?!!
Have fun, we’re in Vegas…right?

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
Choose wisely and work with your vendor endlessly to make sure everything is perfect

Michael Daigian

Michael Daigian

Thanks Michael,

If you are in the San Fransisco area, then I would definitely check out his creations for your wedding or even flowers for your bridal shower or bachelorette party.  I feel that who you are can be expressed with the choices of flowers and colors for your wedding.

DIY – CupCake Bites: Smaller portions = less guilt

It’s just asking for trouble making cupcake ‘bites’. Cupcakes are bad enough! It’s  waaayyy too easy to stuff these scrumptious adorable little confections in my mouth. Sigh… baked goods are always a great idea for gifts – everyone loves something sweet to eat.  Why not take those sweet things and create  fun packaging that matches your wedding colors or includes your own personal message?! From the frosting to the cake wrappers you there a bazillion ways to customize these little yummies. You can make them as favors for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or  as wedding favors.

These easy cupcake bites are from Bakerella Click on the link for the recipe and directions.

They have some other fabulous goodies:
Cake Pops

Red Velvet Cake Balls

We also found these adorable Brownie Pops on Intimate Weddings Check out their site for the directions.

Or if you would rather buy these gifts, Mindy makes adorable cakepops.

We were just at Michaels Arts & Crafts store, here in California,  and found that they carry baking pans perfect for these projects.

Brownie Pops Silicone Mold -

Silicone Brownie Bites Pan -

Over at Wedding Unveiled they found a couture maker of cupcake wrappers. Theses gems are faboulous! Check out their post then check out Bella Cupcake Couture.

So ladies fire up your mixers and start making the next bachelorette party trendy treat. Your friends will thanks you, your tastebuds will thanks you, but we won’t mention them to your waist.



Girls on Film: A bachelorette party in photos

Over at The Wedding Chicks blog the “sweeter than honey” ladies have a fabulous post on a bachelorette party. It’s not one of ours but we LOVE the concept of having a photographer along for the ride(especially if she’s your friend).

Promise Tangeman shared a little bit of the fun and some photos with The Wedding Chicks:

“ The best weekend ever in a girls life, ever. haha. Her party was at a killer location, The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. The set up was rockin. It was amazing that I was able to be there and capture the fun filled lounge time we had together. There were so many fun moments and details to capture. I loved the colors, the textures, the dry heat, the wind through our hair, and the energetic ladies to pal around with.

I know photographing Bachelorette parties is rarely heard of… But, how fun would it be to have images to remember the bonding time of all your favorite girlfriends together to celebrate life and love?!?! I enjoyed this so much, that as a lady, and a photographer, I would love to do this again. I would love to hear from you if this is something that you are interested in.”

Read more and see more  at The Wedding Chicks Blog –