DIY: Getting Dirty with a Garden Theme

Despite good gardening genes(mother owns a landscaping business) I don’t have much time to get dirty in the garden.  I barely have time to water myself much less a poor defenseless plant! Despite my non-gardening lifestyle there is something about a garden themed bachelorette party or shower that appeals to me.  There are a lot of little things you can do to bring a garden theme to life.  We’ve collected a few below that are easy to make yourself and look great. Know any others?? Leave us a comment!

This Potted Banana Bread from Style Me Pretty has my mouth watering. The little terracotta pots are perfect for this!

We also loved this idea from Mrs Lollipop, really cute gifts, the test tube bud vases look great on the fridge WeddingBee Blog

Another gem found on the fabulous Style Me Pretty Blog are these Custom Seed Packs

Now that we’ve planted the seed it’s your turn to make it grow!

Have Fun!


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