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Vendor Love – Dynamite Weddings


The lovely Jennifer of Dynamite Weddings a.k.a Wonder Women, who is also the talented owner of The Memory Journalists shares a few insider tidbits.  Dynamite weddings is a premium informational resource for all your wedding needs.  They have daily changing Tips and Trends from a selection of Dynamite Experts.   Along with the Ask the experts category, they even have a section for newlywed advice – great website, check it out!

Its a great pleasure to get to know the amazing Jennifer – thank you!

What’s your favorite wedding trend/style at the moment?
Gosh there are so many – but what I’ve seen (from the photographer side of me) is the desire to have smaller weddings and a smaller wedding party.  This seems to really make the wedding more intimate, family/close-friends only.  And couples are really going with their own sense of style at these smaller intimate days, e.g. their choice of food elements.  At a recent wedding, the bride really wanted baked potatoes.  Odd? maybe.  But it was part of her life growing up, so they made it into a huge potato topping bar.   It was awesome!

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
Wow, can I have a bachelorette party all over again?  I’d be wanting to try the Scents of Style – Perfume Making with the Manicure/Martini.  I have a desire to put my favorite scents together and create my debut scent “Starr-y Nights”.  And what better way than with a manicure and drinks!

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party?
Madonna (does that show my age?), Princess Diana, and Marilyn Monroe.  Were they suppose to be alive?

memoryJournalistsWho is your Wedding Dream Team for flowers, photography and planning?
Ouch this could really upset the many vendors I love to work with…but…Mindy Weiss.  I have followed her career for years.  Flowers, I’d have to go with my actual wedding florist (she’s the bomb!) Nancy Liu Chin Designs (out of San Francisco).  Photography is tough…since I’m also the owner of The Memory Journalists (a photography studio in Northern CA) and would want to somehow shoot my own wedding!  is that possible?!  :-)


What’s your most outrageous wedding memory?
Singing at the top of my lungs (karaoke style), a Journey song, while outside atop the penthouse suite terrace at Hotel Vitale in San Francisco!  Luckily they took the microphone away from me after one song!  (but yes I have sang before at weddings so I was only a little off key).  Oh did you mean my best wedding memory as a vendors…oops…cat is out of the bag now.

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?
Beach Wedding


Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…

just remember what the whole day is about…and to look at your fiance’s eyes as you say your vows…it’s the best part of the whole day!

Thanks Jennifer from Dynamite Weddings!.

Check her site out at:

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Utterly Engaged’s Utterly Spankin’ New Year Party

The lovely ladies from Utterly Engaged gathered all their friends together to celebrate the good things to come in 2010. It was a wonderful night filled with gorgeous design, bacon, music, and friends. We were able to catch up with our friends and make some new ones. It was nice to FINALLY meet Jan Garcia. We’d started to believe Tey wasn’t really married. Some of the highlights from the evening were design challenge tables, bacon appetizers from The Sticky Pig, and the photo booth from Mint Photolounge. A big congratulations to the winners of the Design Challenge Katie of Katie Carrier Events, Wendy from Just Wenderful, and Melinda from Cake Goodness. They put together a kick awesome table that edged out 15 other entries for the win. From the set-up to the final good-byes we had a great time with the girls of Utterly Engaged.

Utterly Engaged

Flawless Faces were applying fake lashes to party goers. For some reason, James passed on this but Nadine got her lash on.

Utterly Engaged Design Team winners

Katie, Melinda, Wendy and Eva with the prize check.


The oh so wonderful Lydia from Ever Ours.


The girls celebrating their win with sugar. =)

It was a great night! We made some new friends including Lori from Paper and Thread Studio, Molly Ann and Matt from Luminaire Images,  Mary from Jays Catering, Leigh from The Floral Lab, Youkeun from Yo Photography,  Troy Grover, and The Flash Dance. Check out their websites if you get a chance!

Orange County Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Destination

theocOrange County is known for sun, surf, and for birthing Lauren Conrad’s career on everybody’s favorite train wreck  Laguna Hills.  When you strip away the sun baked deb-mutants Orange County reveals some of Southern California’s famed “California Dreaming”. It’s got the shopping, the beaches, and plenty of places to feast.  In a single day you could take a boat around the harbor, make candles, decorate cupcakes, fly an F16(virtually), pole dance, deep sea fish, zipline, paintball, and so much more. We don’t advise doing all of that in one day but it’s theoretically possible. Theoretically.

Our Orange County locations satisfy our bachelor party criteria easily:

  • Transportation - is it easy to get around?
  • Proximity – Is everything ie. bars, clubs, hotels, etc close to each other? Are there some cool daytime excursions close to the area for the bachelorette party?
  • Saturation - Does the area have a strong selection of clubs, restaurants, bars, etc?
  • Safety – Would a group feel comfortable wandering around the streets at 2 in the morning?
  • Lodging – What’s the hotel or vacation rental situation?

In Orange County a Bachelor Party can range from fishing to cooking like a man or take advantage of the great surfing.  For the Bachelorette Party you can take great boudoir shots, take a bike ride or go kayaking.  We have lots of great packages to suit all your needs.

Orange County Bachelor Party Packages:

  • Maximum Overdrive – If  you are an adrenaline junky then this package is for you, take your chance in a Fighter Jet Simulator, then burn some rubber on a race track.
  • Tarzan – 60ft above the ground, test your puzzle solving skills and zip back down to earth on our high ropes course
  • Fish & Fare – Perfect location to catch dinner for the evening.

Orange County Bachelorette Party Packages:

  • Wicks & Wine – Design and Make your own candle, then sample a few wines
  • Cruising Temptations – Cook a scrumptious meal from your choice of menus, then take out an electric boat round the harbor and crack open the champagne
  • Cheers – Join your favorite friends for a mimosa cruise round the harbor – bliss

Kristin Banta Events – Los Angeles Event Design

Kristin Banta Events is a boutique event design firm in Los Angeles that specializes in distinctive, memorable affairs.  Kristin and her staff are masters at relieving party planning stress by handling the burden of logistics, calming frayed nerves, and putting a contemporary spin on age-old traditions.  Kristin has an extensive background in fashion, entertainment and international event production, as well as experience in catering and interior design.  She will create an unforgettable celebration while bringing a fresh perspective to the mix.  You will fall in love with Kristin as she transforms your wedding day dreams into reality.  Thank you Kristin for your time.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

What’s your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?
I love that couples are finding their own voices beyond just the oversimplification of picking colors but are showing who they are in their events, looking beyond wedding magazines and traditional floral centerpieces to creating an environment that speaks to who they are and why they are together.

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
I am very clear on this:  definitely Champagne or wine tasting, Manicure & Martini or Wine Tour & Hot Springs as I am clearly a lush.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
Carmen Electra or Kim Kardashian as both seem just sassy enough to spice things up and maybe Tim Gunn because he rocks.

What’s your most outrageous memory at a wedding?

A pick-pocketing mariachi followed by a freak wind storm which took out our centerpieces and ignited a number of small fires in the reception space, followed by a power outage, overflowing bathrooms, the mother of the bride falling in the pool, my staff and I having all of our clothes and shoes stolen and the fireworks guy getting arrested before he could set off the fireworks. After all this, ending the night by tumbling down cliffside stairs with 6 other vendors like drunk pirates on a ski slope…Clearly, this was in Mexico. And if I may brag, it was a masterpiece of coordination that we covered everything up so the guests had no idea that any of this happened including making new centerpieces in the 10 minutes before the guests arrived, putting out the fires, tripping the breakers to restore power, fixing and mopping the bathrooms, jumping in the pool with the mother of the bride to insinuate that it was an intentional pool party, stealing our clothes and shoes back from the vagrants who stole them and getting the fireworks guy out of jail then sending him out to sea in a rowboat so he could set them off from the ocean.  All in a day’s work, my friends.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?
Countryside or Mountain maybe forest…NOT beach.  I’m not a fan of sand as it’s a total menace and gets into everything…and prevents a girl from wearing heals.  Winter mountain scene with birch trees, furs and hot toddies could be amazing…long dramatic countryside tables are always fab – chandeliers over an open table overflowing with estate silver and crystal and mismatched china with rich bustled layered linens is always delicious…or a long reclaimed wood table in the forest with candelabras and heavy rustic glassware and china, bear skins and leather accents like a mid-century post battle feast – rad.

Who would you rather deal with: The hungover Groom, Interfering Mother of the Bride or a Bridezilla?
Hungover Groom EVERY TIME.  Interfering mothers and overindulged bridezillas who take themselves too seriously I have no patience for.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
to make it your own.  You have one shot at this and it’s the most important party you are ever going to throw….it shouldn’t be about anyone other than you and your beau.  And if your groom isn’t involved, get him involved, find out which elements interest him as it’s as much his day as it is yours.    And don’t forget humor – it should be as present in the wedding day as heart and style.

Visit her website:

kristin Banta Events

kristin Banta Events

Amazing Illustrated Wedding Proposal

We came across this amazing proposal on the Twig & Thistle blog. Guy Shields is an illustrator by trade. From the depths of his art soaked brain he came up with a proposal that makes men cringe. Cringe because it raises the bar for the rest of us males. He used his artistic skill to create an 8 foot long, comic book style series of images that when folded a certain way, proposed to his girlfriend. Thanks for making us look bad Guy! =p Now men everywhere will feel impotent when faced with the task of proposing to their girlfriends on the beach. It just can’t hold up!

Seriously, Guy’s final work is truly a labor of love and he got an “Of course” for his efforts. Congratulations Guy! I love that he was able to work on it in full view of his girlfriend and she never knew. Check out his full recount and more of the amazing images he produced here:



Lollipop Events & Design talks weddings, bachelorette parties, and wedding trends

lolliLadiesThe fabulous Lollipop ladies are truly creative and talented, they have a unique, full service event planning and design company specializing in innovative and inspired events and designs.  We first saw the ladies in their super cute booth at a San Diego bridal show. In a room full of planners they easily stood out. Since then we’ve enjoyed seeing them on blogs and in  magazines sharing their unique vision. The Lollipop team swirls together every detail of your vision with their crafty design concepts, deliciously blending the two together with originality, inspired by you, to  produce unforgettable eye candy for your special event.  Let the sweet girls of lollipop work their magic and design a custom event for you.  Take a look at their website and I know you will be blown away by their design and creativity.

Jen the meticulous planner will coordinate the entire event from start to finish, she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions – thanks Jen.   We will also be posting a few great guest DIY posts from Lollipop. Keep an eye out for their bridal shower tips and ideas.

What’s your favorite or most popular trend in your field?
Couples incorporating personal characteristics into their wedding décor and concept. This keeps every wedding theme unique and different. We love designing a wedding for a funky retro couple one weekend then incorporating elegant and glamour elements into a different one the next weekend. Every couple’s style is always the key foundation to creating the décor concept. We take small details, characteristics or memories from each couple, to create custom details that truly make every wedding unique. This trend allows us to always be original, fresh and creative with our designs!

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory?

For one of our destination weddings in Santorini, Greece, we created a gorgeous environment for the ceremony and reception. The guests had a 7-course meal with wine pairings. We not only did all of the décor for the wedding and shipped it all the way from the U.S but we made custom linens, programs and menu cards as well. Luckily, we shipped 2 months ahead of schedule because our shipment was stuck in customs for over a month!! The wedding was a small intimate group of 35 family and friends, but after the dinner guests enjoyed Classic Caldera signature drink that we created with dry ice flowing out, creating a smoking effect. The guests had such an amazing time with the DJ spinning away, that the wedding didn’t end until 4:30 a.m.!!!! By far our longest wedding we’ve done, but definitely an incredible time!!

Lollipop Events

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party?
Jeff Lewis, from Bravo’s Flipping Out to keep the party fun and light. Dita Von Teese to incorporate the edge, burlesque style funk to the party. Last but not least, Kelly Wearstler for her fashion and design sensibility, so she can design away while we take the day and night off!

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
You have so many amazing packages to choose from but we’d choose the Peddles & Bon Bons package. Love how it involves chocolatedrinking and a bike tour for a bachelorette party. A little adventure with some party time, a perfect mix for a girls last single weekend.

Lollipop Events

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?
We love pushing the envelope to always have fresh ideas and concepts. We love mixing different styles together from a forest wedding incorporating high fashion art installations to a clean, modern white beach wedding.

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
Enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Every bride needs a wedding planner. Your special day comes once in a lifetime. No matter how organized you are, how well you plan, little things always come up on your wedding day. From getting ready with your bridesmaids to walking down the isle, your mind should be focused on marrying your husband and celebrating your special day. Never again will you have all your friends and family in one place at one time, so enjoy every second and let your wedding planner worry about all the details, schedules, flaws and glitches….if so, you won’t event know that anything happened. Your day will be seamless & you’ll dance the night away with only your celebration on your mind.

Need your event to fabulous? Creative? Unique? Take a look at Lollipop Events & Designs: