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Vendor Love – Red Velvet Occasions


Eva is the Event Goddess of Red Velvet Occasions, the team pride themselves in providing personalized service and creating lasting memories.  They will handle all the details of every aspects of your special day so you don’t have to.  They will listen intently to your needs and consider each event to be as unique as you are.  Eva is passionate about her work, she has the experience to help you make your special day stress-free and unforgettable.   We have met with Eva a few times now, her bubbly personality and tentative ear, you will be delighted to have her and her team help plan your wedding.  Thank you Eva

What’s your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?
Although some of my associates might say that my favorite trend is the photo booths, my favorite trend is actually the choreographed first dance. I think it’s such a sweet moment between the newlyweds and I think it’s great that they actually took the time to learn a dance together. Plus people actually pay attention when it’s a choreographed dance!

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?

I would definitely pick Dangerous Beauty – I’d like to try something I wouldn’t do out of the ordinary… Shooting range, trapeze and Pole dancing!


Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
I’d invite Ellen Degeneres because I admire her and she’d be fun to dance with, Kathy Griffin because she’s not afraid to laugh at herself and Gwen Stefani because she’s a talented musician, confident and classy with an edge!

What’s your most outrageous memory at a wedding?
Thankfully, I haven’t had too many outrageous moments at my weddings, but I think the one incident that sticks out the most was when I had a grumpy DJ. I mentioned this to some already but the DJ told me that he was going to charge the bride/groom $100 for providing a vendor meal instead of a guest meal. That threw me off for a second but they ended up acceptimg the veggie guest meal I offered!

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?
Neither! I pick City – I just love clean simple lines and I really like having the skyline as a backdrop.

Your rich uncle Donald (trump) gives your $5 million dollars. How would you spend that on a wedding?
I’d spend $60,000 on my entire wedding with 100 of my closest friends and family. Then I’d use the rest to build an animal sanctuary so that I could rescue all the dogs in the shelter, spay and neuter them and get them adopted to loving homes.


Who would you rather deal with: The hung over Groom, Interfering Mother of the Bride or a Bridezilla?
I’ve dealt with all of the above and I’d definitely pick the hungover groom. Hands down, guys are easier to deal with.

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
to sit back, relax and remember that at the end of the day, all the details do not matter as much as you marrying the love of your life!

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Shannon Lee Images – Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Shannon Lee loves being a photographer and capturing love, you can definitely see that in her work.  Clients fall in love with her and we can see.  She is energetic, optimistic, passionate and open minded.  She loves to laugh, stay up late, read a book and travel.  Shannon was just awarded included by The Knot in their  the best of Weddings 2010. We are very excited for her and happy to share a bit more of Shannon Lee with you – enjoy.

What is your favorite wedding photography trend at the moment?
Vintage. I’m so obsessed with vintage.  I can’t get enough.  (although I may not be saying that in 6 months) I love shooting every detail at a wedding and something about the rustic, old details at a wedding just looks so classy and stunning.

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
Are you kidding?? How am I supposed to pick just one? I want to go on at least 10 of them!  The adventurer in me really wants to go on a bike tour or white water rafting while the girl in me opts for the wine or champagne tasting or even martini’s and manicures… I would probably have to go with one of the packages that includes all of the above like “kayaking/horseback riding/wine tasting” or “kayaking/wine tasting/sailing” might be my best bet.  Just knowing that FireFly would be organizing every bit of it makes me want to do all of them even more.  Do I have to be getting married? :)

Shannon Lee Images

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
Maybe Natalie Portman.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and she’s a delight[firefly note: james is jealous]. Regina Spektor because I’m obsessed with her newest CD and she seems quirky like me so I’m sure we’d get on. And maybe Zach Galifianakis.  He’d be good for some laughs.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s laughing.

What’s your most outrageous memory at a wedding?
DJ’s always surprise me with what they can come up with.  One reception, the DJ had the bride leave the room and while she was gone made all the groomsmen get on their hands and knees so only their butts were facing her when she came in.  At first he was going to blindfold her and make her touch the boys bums to guess which one was her new husband.  He thought better of it and just let her look at them since you  couldn’t see their faces.  She hesitated between two but she got it right!  It was a lot of fun too.

Shannon Lee ImagesIf a wedding you were shooting, was attacked by ninja’s what would you do?
As a photographer I am trained in the fine art of stealth.  This skill would be put to the test as I would have to do my best to be unseen and unheard, capture some amazing shots of all the rad ninja moves (who doesn’t love ninjas?), and of course protect the cake at all costs.

Your rich uncle Donald(trump) gives your $5 million dollars. How would you spend that on a wedding?
Thank you Uncle Donald who I wish really wish was my real uncle.  Wow.  Seriously, I don’t know how my couples begin to plan their weddings.  There are so many amazing ideas out there.  Recently I’ve been helping a good friend plan her wedding and I’m so overwhelmed.  Personally, I want a small wedding but at the top of my list would have to be hiring a phenomenal photographer.  I think investing in a photographer is the smartest thing any couple could ever do.  Once the flowers have died and cake is eaten (sad), the only memories you’re going to have are the photographs so they better be good!  To me, a good photographer is priceless.  I’d also be sure to find an amazing designer who wouldn’t skimp on the many, many details.  As well as a really great baker for all my sweets.  Cake is my favorite part of the day.  I also think a great coordinator can’t be valued enough.  Good coordinators take everything off your shoulders so that you can do nothing but have fun and enjoy every minute of your always too short day.

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
Listen to your vendors.   Really, we just want to make sure you have the most fabulous day possible.  Don’t be afraid to ask advice/opinions of us either.  I know I love helping my brides/grooms every step along the way.

Vendor Love – Forgetful Gentleman

These days with the I-phone, Facebook, and Twitter guys have forgotten the meaning of a handwritten note and what it means to us women.   Well Nate and Brett from Forgetful Gentleman are here to make is as easy as possible for you to be a gentleman despite the many obstacles that face the busy, modern man. They’re empowering men to send a handwritten correspondence.  Their first product – Elephant Cards were designed to help you remember the key events in your life and write and send thoughtful, articulate notes.

We are delighted to feature Forgetful Gentleman,  I am sure you will love their letterpress cards as much as we do.

What’s your favorite and most popular line of letterpress cards at the moment?
Well, call us biased but we love the classic, elegant masculinity of our own line of letterpress cards but if you press us, we also love what Bell’Invito is doing.

What gave you the idea to create Forgetful Gentleman?
Brett and I are the self proclaimed “original forgetful gentlemen.”  The idea for Forgetful Gentleman came while we were at b-school together.  One day we were talking about how we had found numerous hand written notes in varying stages of finish: some were half written, others lacked postage or correct addresses, while others were simply too belated to send in good conscience.  As we commiserated on the obstacles that can keep us from writing and sending handwritten correspondence, we thought there had to be a better way to go about it and Forgetful Gentleman was born!

What does becoming a Gentleman mean to you?
Simply put, a gentleman seeks to make the world and those around him better even if at times it comes at his own expense.

What FireFly package would you pick for your California bachelor party?
I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I’d have to go with some combination of the driving events (performance go-karts, car racing, dune buggies, ATVs).  Brett likes to take things a little slower and opted for the bike tours.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelor party? Why?
Frank Sinatra: The ultimate guys guy.  Just hanging with him would instantly boost your cool factor.  Vince Vaughn: Did you ever see that Friends episode where Ross and Chandler are all fired up because their buddy from college, Gandalf “the party wizard,” was coming to visit and when you went out with Gandalf you never knew where you would wake up the next day?  Well, I feel like Vince Vaughn is like that.  Babe Ruth: He’s candid.

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory?
A few years back, a buddy of mine who is an amateur pilot got married and his reception was entirely aviation themed.  It was held in an airplane hangar at the airport and everything from the favors to the music to the food was on-theme.  They even had free airplane rides for the guests throughout the reception time.  My favorite memory is when the wedding party was introduced.  With the Top Gun theme music blaring, the groom and groomsman each drove in on a motorcycle with aviator shades and bomber jackets!  Classic.

Its the morning after the bachelor party, there is a tiger in your room, you can’t find the groom, what do you do?!!
Check the roof of the Caesar’s Palace and write a nice handwritten apology note to Mike Tyson on Forgetful Gentleman stationery!

View more of the Forgetful Gentleman here:

The Plunge – A wedding resource for men

In their relentless pursuit of other men’s attention the Plunge has also put together a great section on bachelor parties. You can read all about it here:

What is
It’s a website for guys. Specifically, it’s a site for guys getting married, or guys thinking of getting married, or maybe guys who are terrified of marriage. Mostly, though, it’s a site for guys who are kinda skeptical and turned off by the idea of “wedding planning.” We give survival tips.  We cover the whole gamut: buying the ring, the bachelor party, tuxes, dealing with obnoxious parents, cold feet, and negotiating the ethics of lapdances.

plunge_01Describe the ideal reader for the plunge?
A billionaire who is so charmed by us he says, “Yes. Yes. I need to make these guys filthy rich.” Second-best reader? An average guy who’s either: 1) getting married; 2) thinking of getting married; or 3) recently married.

There’s a key phrase there: “average guy.” No, we don’t insist that our readers get Cs in high school or wallow in mediocrity, but we like to distinguish the Average Guy from the “Super Grooms” out there. We’re not really into the whole Super-Groom thing—those guys who freak out over stationary, read more wedding magazines than the bride, and talk about things like “table decorations.’ Weird, right?

At The Plunge, we’re not trying to make every guy the best groom he can be. We’re trying to help them survive the process.

How has The Plunge been received by the bridal industry and brides in general?
The death threats have slowed to a trickle. We’re starting to get less hate mail. Actually, we’re not joking. (Well okay we’re joking about the death threats.) When the site first launched, we did get a few emails from Bridezillas along the lines of, “HOW DARE YOU!??!”

Then… something weird happen. Brides started telling their grooms about the site. Brides started reading the site. Hell, brides even started writing into our Ask the Expert column, seeking our perspective. We realized something: we struck a chord.

Plenty of people—brides and grooms alike—want advice that’s not loaded down with the puffy, overly-serous, self-important dogma you see elsewhere. We have an article “How Wedding-Porn is Brainwashing Your Fiancée,” and both men and women seem to get it… because it’s not just funny, it’s also sort of true.

As for the bridal industry? A mixed bag. On the one hand, we take plenty of cheap shots at other wedding publications. It’s who we are. So there’s probably some resentment. On the other hand… we don’t like to publicize this, as it sort of flies in the face of our whole shtick… but somehow, shockingly, a lot of the bridal sites seem to like us. At least, they claim to, as we’re now syndicating our content to several different wedding publications.  (Let the backlash and cries of “sell-outs!” begin!)

Any big plans for 2010?
Bachelor party in New Orleans. Trip to Vegas. Consumption of a staggering amount of bourbon. And for the site—yep. Lots of stuff in the pipeline. But as much as I hate to sound like an NFL coach being coy about the game-plan (“We’re just looking forward to Sunday’s game…”) contractually, I’m not allowed to say much. But I’ll put it to you this way—there’s a good chance you’ll see a whole swath of new content on The Plunge that’s not, necessarily, about grooms…

Which 3 famous people (alive or dead) would you invite to a bachelor party?
1. Frank Sinatra circa 1964
2. Vince Vaughn circa 1998
3. Jesus circa 32, so that he can instantly absolve any sins.

What FireFly Group Events package would you pick for your bachelor party?
We’d have to go with root-beer making. That sounds awesome. (Seriously, we have to ask… Do people really choose that? You guys have some badass stuff, some really great stuff. And then… root-beer.)

If the root-beer making class was all filled up, we’d do a combo of:

1. White-water rafting – Raging Rivers (although we’re tempted to choose your package called “The Plunge”)
2. Vegas Hangover.

Our favorite bachelor parties are the ones that combine the 1-2 punch of outdoor activity and drunken stupidity. White-water rafting and Vegas would seem to do the trick. This would be a long weekend, obviously, but we’d rally.
What’s your most outrageous wedding or bachelor party memory?
Bachelor Party Rule #12: never confess outrageous memories, especially in a public interview.

But. Let’s say I have a “friend” who, in a Vegas strip club, accidentally went to the upstairs room… which was filled with the male dancers. You’d think this friend would immediately run downstairs, right? But wait. Consider.  The same qualities that make normal strip clubs a terrible place to meet women—few female customers, dancers who aren’t interested in anything but $$$, drunken dude douchebags—make the male-strip clubs a great place to meet women. The girls are all drinking heavily, laughing, flirting, with zero other straight-dudes in the room. So my friend was able to meet, flirt, and, ah, get friendly with all the non-stripper girls he wanted, as he had zero competition.  But don’t tell everyone or you ruin the secret.

It’s the morning after the bachelor party, there is a tiger in your room, you can’t find the groom, what do you do?!!
Shoot the groom, eat the tiger, call the bride. No, that’s not right—shoot the tiger, feed the bride, eat the baby. [In other words, I’m still drunk.]

Thanks for the answer’s Jeff, the check’s in the mail!