Bachelor Party Ideas in San Diego

Looking for a great town for a bachelor party? San Diego should be at the top of your list for a place to party in California. Great night life, solid location, and plenty to do. There are plenty of activities for high strung, laid back, or hard partier.  Here’s a list of bachelor party ideas in the San Diego Area :

Beer Tasting – Yeah, you like drinking beer, but do you know the difference between ale and a lager? Can you tell a Tettnanger hop from a Cascade hop just by the floral aroma and taste? Or maybe you don’t care. Either way, you’ll have a great time blowing the frost off some great local microbrews with your best friends.

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Ropes Course - Admit it: when you watch Indiana Jones movies, you always think you could do the stunts and make your way through the labyrinths you see on the screen. This is your chance to prove it on a high ropes course for the bachelor party. Test your puzzle-solving skills and athleticism 60 feet above ground! This is the definition of adventure. San Diego is home to some amazing courses.  Check out one of our previous ropes course parties.

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ATV Trips - The back tires throw up a rooster tail of sand as you blow through the last stretch of the beach, and then you’re slowing to start the ascent. These mountain trails were part of the Baja 500, you remember, and you grin and gun it. The quad growls beneath you and you rocket uphill. At the top is a stunning view of Mexican terrain, a view and an experience you and your buddies will never forget. An ATV trip in the gorgeous landscape around San Diego captures the heart of bachelor party.  A few guys getting together for one last adventure (until the next one).

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Paintball – You dive for cover just as a flurry of paintball rounds splatter on the ground behind you. That was close—too close. You call out for your teammates to lay down some covering fire, but no one answers. It’s just you now, and oh yeah, the guys waiting to put a paintball between your shoulder blades. You’ve got mad skills, though, and now’s the time to prove it.  Do you have what it takes to see the Groom through?

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Rock Climbing -  Some 50 feet below you, at the bottom of the rock face, your friends are watching, and beyond them stretches the desert, dotted with the one-of-a-kind Joshua trees. You take a deep breath of desert air, then reach up to start the final crux of the climb and hope your arms and legs don’t give out on you. San Diego sports some phenomenal rock climbing spots. Get the crew together and jump on the rocks for a crazy fun adventure

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Shooting – Sorry, but your shooting skills in Nintendo’s Duck Hunt don’t prove anything. It’s time to step into a real shooting range, strap on a real-life firearm, and test your skills on a modern 8-position skills challenge. The competition is on and bragging rights are at stake. Grab a gun and prove whether you’re a Dirty Harry or a Dirty Mary. Don’t let the rest of the Groom’s friends show you up…

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  1. Alex says:

    all great bachelor party ideas. San Diego is a fun town to have a bachelor party in!

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