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Bachelorette Party Ideas – Cocktail Party

Mad Men got you wanting to wear A-line skirts, bake-lite beads, and smoke a cigarette with a martini in the other hand? Scratch that retro itch with a cocktail party for your bachelorette party. We’ve assembled some fabulous cocktail recipes for you to try.  They are perfect for starting the night off or staying in and hosting the party with friends.   Don’t forget to make or buy some nibbles – we love Trader Joe’s for nibbles, great cheeses, snacks and desserts.  We highly recommend throwing out a little audio ambiance with something like - Boss N’ Stones or Bottoms Up from Ultra Lounge.

The Last Fling:

Not too strong or too fruity, a nice all rounder.

Ingredients: 1 oz Vodka, 1/4 oz grenadine syrup, 1 oz gin, 1 oz light rum, 1/2 oz barcardi 151 rum, 1 oz amaretto almond liqueur, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice.

How to: Pour everything into a hurricane glass 3/4′s filled with ice, except the grapefruit and pineapple juice.  Then fill equal parts of grapefruit and pineapple juice and serve.

Champagne Dream:

A refreshing fruity champagne drink.

Ingredients: 1 oz pama (pomegranate liqueur), 1 oz cointreau, 1 oz fresh orange juice, 3 oz champagne or sparkling wine.

How to: Shake the first 3 ingredients with ice, gently stir in the champagne.  Strain into a flute and garnish with orange zest.


Feeling flirty with the fizz.

Ingredients: 1 oz vodka, 2 oz champagne or sparkling wine, 2 oz pineapple juice, garnish with a cherry

How to: Combine all 3 of the  ingredients in a tall glass and fill with ice.

Mr Right:

This man catcher will draw them to you like bees to honey.

Ingredients: 2 vodka, 3/4 oz campari, 2 oz pomegranate juice, 1 oz triple sec, squeeze of lemon juice

How to: Shake this man catching martini over ice and strain into a martini glass, garnish with fresh mint leaf.

Something Blue:  2 great simple recipes

No wedding related list would be complete without something blue. Try one of these great concoctions.

Ingredients: 2 oz Hpnotiq, 2 oz white wine, 1 oz ginger ale.


1 1/2 oz tequila, 1 oz blue curacao liqueur, 1 oz lime juice, coarse salt (or sugar) (refreshing and cool with a tart finish)

How to: rub the martini glass with lime juice, dip the rim in the coarse salt or sugar.  Shake the tequila, blue curacao and lime juice with ice.  Strain into the glass and serve.

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Vendor Love – Just Wenderful

Just Wenderful

Wendy from Just Wenderful is a fabulous addition to your wedding or event.  She helps couples create a flawless wedding day.  She makes you feel at ease as soon as you meet her and your wish is her command - she is a true delight.  She  is bursting with great ideas and inspiration to truly make this YOUR day.  Ask her about her fabulous candy buffets which,  in my eyes, is a must for every wedding.

Thanks Wendy.

What is your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?

My favorite trend is not a trend at all!  It’s those twists on trends that couples come up with whether it be an ice cream bar buffet instead of the candy buffet or the framed backdrop for pictures instead of a photo booth. I love the couples who think outside the box!

What are the advantages of hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding?

HUGE advantages!  From the planning stages, we will refer you to the best vendors (which we’ve worked with before and trust) and stay within your budget.  On the day of, there are countless tasks that we take care of you so you can enjoy YOUR day.  We supervise set up so that it goes accordingly and we’re on top of the time line so we don’t run out of time, just to list a few things.


What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?

The kayaking/wine tasting/sailing package would have to be my pick!  There were so many packages to choose from but this one has everything!  Kayaking for my adventurous girls and wine tasting while sailing for a relaxing finish.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?

Sandra Bullock just because I love her!  Ingrid Michaelson so we can sing kumbaya-style and Wayne Brady for the laughs!  He can strip if he wants to too!  Ha!

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory, either one you have planned or one you have been a guest?

Drunk guests are always funny.  I always worry about it becoming an issue, but it never has, thank God!  Lately, one of the bridemaid’s zipper broke of her dress, but she was buzzing away, dancing and showing her panties like no one’s business.  All was good!


Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?

Definitely beach!  My own wedding was in Long Beach right in front of Mr. Pacific Ocean and I loved it.  I think breathing that beachy, fresh air made me less nervous!

If you could give one piece of wedding advice to a couple, what would that be………..?

Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Personalize your wedding with the little things you love about yourselves and each other and most importantly, please enjoy your day!  Once 12 pm hits on that clock, you’ll realize that it went by too fast!

Visit Wendy’s site at:

Bachelorette Party Tip – Theme Ideas

Choosing a Theme

  • Decide if you want the bachelorette party to have a theme, think about what costumes, props and accessories you might need.
  • If you go with a theme the first thing you should consider is the Bride’s tastes. What is she into? Is she a huge fan of anything?
  • It’s not all about the costume. If this is a home based party you should consider theming every aspect from the place settings to the decor.

Here are a few bachelorette party ideas:

  • Burlesque – You could all pick an industry and then dress up cute – flight attendant, nurse, maid – everyone must wear suspenders and stockings with their chosen outfit. – cocktails in martini glasses, lots of red lipstick and fake eyelashes.
  • Vampire Theme – you could dress up as sexy vampires, wild hair, fake teeth. Have only red drinks the entire night.
  • Sports – You could all pick a sport and dress up in cute outfits representing your chosen sport or team. Men love a girl in nothing but a jersey. =0

Featured in Orange County Business Journal

Whoo Hoo! We got a little love in the Orange County Business Journal this past week. They did an article on how small business owners (that’s us) are coping in the current economy. It’s definitely a topic close to our heart(and pockets). If you want to see what wisdom we spewed check out the article:

Orange County Business Journal

Bachelor Party Tip – Planning a Timeline


When you’re gathering the Wolf Pack for your buddy’s bachelor party, you need to have a timeline. Plan the party a few months prior to the big night or weekend – this will factor enough time for everyone invited to clear their calendar. If you’re going BIG then your friends will also have time to figure out how they’re going to rob their piggy bank. Planning ahead insures that you get first choice on activities, accommodations, and transportation. An added bonus to getting in early is you can save some cash for the group.  We usually advise our clients to budget at least three months for planning a bachelor party. The first month is getting ideas & sending invites; the second month is booking & chasing the money(we can help with that); and the third month is tying up loose ends and lighting a fire under the stragglers.

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