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Vendor Love – Ever After Honeymoons

katieMeet Katie from Ever After Honeymoons, she started the company based on her love of travel (a girl after my own heart).  Now she helps couples plan their perfect honeymoon. Once you meet Katie you won’t even think twice about leaving your honeymoon in her hands.  She’s so good you may even invite her along before you realize. I sat down with Katie a little while ago and got to know the woman behind Ever After.
Thanks Katie!

What made you decide to start Ever After Honeymoons?

I absolutely love to travel, and really enjoy the process of planning trips. Based on this, I decided to start my own travel planning company. I started working with a lot of honeymoon couples and decided this was what I wanted to focus on. I love working with couples to plan their perfect honeymoons, and then hearing what a great time they had once they return.

What are the advantages/benefits of booking a honeymoon with Ever After Honeymoons?

There are a lot of benefits to having me plan your honeymoon. I save couples time, money, and get them extra perks like room upgrades. I take care of all travel arrangements to make everything as easy and stress free as possible. Plus a lot of couples that contact me don’t know where they want to go. I ask a lot of questions and then make suggestions for them. I have traveled a lot and am constantly getting feedback from my clients so I am able to make recommendations based on this.


Where is your favorite Honeymoon Destination so far?

I absolutely love Italy for the history, food, wine and scenery. And I love Playa del Carmen for the beaches, resorts and fun downtown area.

Where would you most like to travel to?

New Zealand and Croatia have been at the top of my list for a while now. I like visiting places with unique culture, beautiful coastlines, nice people and great food. I am planning on visiting Croatia next Spring, and am hoping to make it to New Zealand soon as well.


What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?

I would definitely do the Sonoma Valley wine tasting and bike tour! I love wine tasting and it would be really fun to experience Sonoma on bikes.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?

Oh that is a good question! Chelsea Handler for the laughs, Britney Spears to get everyone dancing, and Cameron Diaz because she seems like she would be a blast to hang out with.


What’s your most outrageous wedding memory, either one you have planned or one you have been a guest?

Another great question! At a wedding I was a guest at there was a circle in the dance floor. The groom got in the circle and was going crazy with the dance moves and ended up breaking a girls nose!!! Skipping dance classes before the wedding was a serious mistake!

If you could give one piece of wedding advice to a couple, what would that be………..?

Well I am going to make this honeymoon advice. I would say to really talk about what you each want to do during your honeymoon before you start planning anything. A honeymoon does not have to mean going to a beach resort if that doesn’t interest both of you. Compromise if you don’t have the same ideas of what your honeymoon should be. There is a perfect destination for every couple, and just ask me if you need help finding that!
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Writing a Best Man Speech – The hilarious approach

The wedding toast/speech is a huge part of a Best Man’s duties. Will you be hilarious, sentimental, or crash and burn? Luckily for you, we’ve got the computer machine working so that you can combine all three outcomes. Our scientists deep inside our underground hidden terrorist proof bomb shelter thingy, have created an artificial intelligence whose sole purpose is to write kick awesome speeches for guys like you. Sound too good to be true? Believe it. The future is here We say.  Click here to attain epic –

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Bachelorette Party Drinking Games


We have selected a few of our top bachelorette party drinking games for playing at a party or in the bar.  Gather your friends, your courage,  and the most important item… the liquor of  your choice. You’ll know you’re doing it right when everyone is falling out of their seat from laughter or because the room is spinning.  Enjoy!! Also check out our drinking games for Bachelor Parties.

Alpha & Omega:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: Word game

How to Play: Select a category for example (Names of cities, Names of countries, Names of rivers or famous people etc.) and the first player names a word under the category and the next player must name a word beginning with the last letter of the previous word and so on around the circle. At each failure or a prolonged time period between answers the player must drink.  If someone uses a double letter for the first and last name for the celebrity (Donald Duck) – you reverse the direction of the play.

Who am I?:

What you need: Drinks, paper, pen

Object of the game: To guess which famous person you are

How to Play: Each person needs to write down a famous person on their piece of paper.  Once everyone has done that, place it face down and pass it to the person on their left.  That person needs to place the piece of paper on their forehead.  You then take turns to ask questions about the person you are, each time you get the answer wrong you have to drink.  This goes on until you work out whom you are.


I have Never:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: To find out as much as you can about your friends

How to Play: No list of drinking games would be complete without I have never. Players take turns making the statement ‘I have never ………”. , for example ‘I have never had a one night stand’ The person says something that they have supposedly never done. It is most fun when you try to be creative with what you haven’t done or you are a bit tipsy, but if you are lucky / unlucky enough not to have done something you know others have, you may use this to your advantage. If you have done what the person says they have never done, you drink. It’s a great ice breaker and if you play long enough you will find a lot you didn’t know about your friends! If at any point someone doesn’t drink for something that someone else knows that they have done, they must finish their drink.

Drink or Dare:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: To humiliate everyone.

How to Play: The Maid of Honor starts this drinking game by asking the bride, “Drink or dare?”.  The bride then has to choose to either except the dare or take the shot.  When she takes the dare option, the MOH dares her to do anything to her liking.  If the bride refuses she drinks double.  When her turn is over, it goes onto the next person, until everyone has been humiliated!


What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: Not to show your teeth

How to Play: Funny game, everyone sits in a circle and everyone picks the name of a vegetable. Let’s say for instance the Bride is a pepper, Maid of Honor is a cabbage, bachelorette #1 is a broccoli. You say your name out loud so everyone knows everyone else’s veggie name. To start the game a player says their veggie name and then another player’s veggie name. The player who’s veggie name was mentioned repeats this process. The object is to avoid showing your teeth. If at any time you are caught showing your teeth you have to drink. And it is hard to remember not to show your teeth. This game is good for laughs!

Fuzzy Duck:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: Not to mix up your words

How to Play: The game starts off with someone saying ‘fuzzy duck’ to the person directly to their left. This process continues around the table until someone says ‘does he?’. The direction now changes but now players have to say ‘ducky fuzz’ instead.  This carries on until someone says ‘does he’ again, where players must now revert back to ‘fuzzy duck’. This has to keep going but as fast as possible. When someone messes up and says it wrong they must down their drink.  If somebody says ‘does he?’ twice in a row, they must down their drink as this is cheating!


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