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The Groom Says – Bachelor Party Adventure

One of favorite man bloggers, a rare breed in the wedding world, just posted his bachelor party adventures.  The Groom Says had a multi-day adventure that spanned state lines. We’re jealous. The bastard. They bypassed our expertise on this and went rogue BUT in our professional opinion his friends knocked it out of the park. It’s always nice to see guys thinking outside the box and getting away from the typical definition of a bachelor party.

To set the tone his friend sent him this message:

We’re going to pick you up. At your house. At 11am. On Thursday.

Bring nice clothes. Bring swimming trunks. Bring desert clothes. Bring suntan lotion. Bring blankets. Or a sleeping bag. Or blankets. Bring $20 in pennies. And bring your good wit. And good will.

That’s it.

In our minds, only grand things of legendary status can follow a message like that. Check out The Groom Says blog to read the rest:

Well played men, well played.

The Fry Girl Inc. – Bachelorette Party Sweets & Savories

frygirlShelley Beals founder of The Fry Girl Inc. grew up on a farm in Canada, where she learned the true meaning of hard work, community and cooking – especially home-made donuts.  She followed her entrepreneurial spirit and now owns numerous mini donut machines and other fryers.   Her heavenly fried foods, her reputation for superior client service and years of experience keeps her business growing.  Her mini-donuts are my favorite, truly mouthwatering and addictive (and not that bad for you with only 1 gram of fat and 26 calories per donut – for all you calorie counters).  They are also GREEN, they recycle their canola oil, Shelley’s plumber burns it in his work van, so her entire neighborhood smells like donuts.mmmmmmmmmmmm Wouldn’t these be a great addition to a bachelorette party?

The Fry Girl inc would be a great addition to your wedding or event – thanks Shelley.

What is your favorite fried food?
Deep fried perogies (my family makes them back in Canada).  I don’t make serve them in my business as they are too time consuming to make. My family prepares them normally only for special events.  My favorite food that we prepare is definitely mini funnel cakes but I also love our gourmet fries!
Why did you start Fry Girl?
I sort of fell into the business. I worked at a mini donut shop in Venice Beach for a couple of years & the owners sold me the catering side of their business.  It started out being only mini donuts and over the years, as I met more and more event planners, I kept getting asked to make french fries so I added them to our menu and now we are making all types of fun, fried foods.  People love fried food!!!
What type of events are perfect for Fry Girl?
We normally do larger events of 100+ guests like weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, corporate events, movie premieres, set visits on tv shows, etc. however we will cater any type of party where people want to eat some delicious fried foods!
What are the most popular items on your menu?
I’d have to say that our mini donuts are still our most popular menu item.  We have 4 donut machines and often they are all booked out at the same time!
What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
Wow…you have some great package ideas!  I like the Girls Getaway, The Wine Tour & Hot Springs & The Cooking Lesson and Whitewater Rafting ideas the best!  It would be a tough decision!!!
Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
I’d invite Sade so she could serenade us…LOVE her!  I’d invite Mario Batali so he could cook for us and I’d invite Ellen DeGeneres to entertain us & keep us laughing!  I like to eat & laugh a lot!
What’s your most outrageous wedding or bachelorette party memory?
I actually never had a bachelorette party when I got married so I don’t have an answer for this question.
If you could give one piece of wedding advice to a couple, what would that be………..?
I would tell them to not stress about the minor details that no one will even notice and to enjoy every moment of their wedding day as the day goes by so fast!  Oh and to hire The Fry Girl to make mini corn dogs & gourmet fries for a late night wedding snack or to send their wedding guests on their way home with a bag of hot, fresh mini donuts which double great as a party favor!  After all that dancing and celebrating their guests are sure to get hungry by the end of the evening!

What is your favorite fried food?

Deep fried perogies (my family makes them back in Canada).  I don’t make/serve them in my business as they are too time consuming to make. My family prepares them normally only for special events.  My favorite food that we prepare is definitely mini funnel cakes but I also love our gourmet fries! Continue reading →

Bachelorette Party Idea: Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing lessons are a perfect match for your bachelorette party. You will feel a bit silly for about five minutes, and then you will have an unbelievably playful experience. Not only will you awaken your inner naughty kitten, you will feel more confident and beautiful. We love sending groups of girls pole dancing because they always come back with a smile on their face. They’ve pushed the boundaries of their normal experience and found they are capable of so much more. All that from a little ole pole! Not to mention the groom loves it when the bride pulls out her new moves on the honeymoon. =)

Not all pole dancing studios or the instructors teaching are created equal.  We work with a lot of vendors in California and Las Vegas. Through our experience here’s a list to keep in mind if you’re planning on taking a class:

  • Does your instructor do a warm-up and a cool-down? - Face it, we’re not all spring chickens. This is a very physical activity and should be approached with the proper respect
  • Do you go upside down your first class? – Not a great idea. There’s a progression that should be followed and rushing will hasten an injury.
  • How many poles does the studio have? – This is a good question but if they only have 3 don’t fret too much. More poles for larger groups means more time for each person. Less poles is still plenty of fun but if you have a chance, opt for more.

We make sure that all of our pole instructors provide a fun, safe environment for you to let loose in. You’ll find unique locations, crazy fun instructors, and a sense of empowerment with any of our pole dancing bachelorette packages.  Make sure your Maid of Honor checks these out when she plans your bachelorette party:

San Diego

Miss Behave - Pole Lesson and Pin-up photo shoot

San Francisco

Twirly Girlies – Pole Dancing Lesson & Boudoir photo shoot

Los Angeles

Chocolate Stilettos – Pole dancing and Chocolate Tasting

Orange County

Tasty Poles - cooking lesson and Pole Dancing Class