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Great Bachelor Party Pranks & Mischief


Waking up stranded on the roof  Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the morning after your bachelor party, is what we consider epic. Yes, we know that The Hangover is a just a movie, but a part of us treats like it’s an almost reality. It gives the rest of us pranksters and miscreants something to shoot for. Now stealing a tiger, angering naked asian dudes, and abandoned infants are beyond the scope of this article. We will however cover some pranks and some mischief that can add to the craziness at any bachelor party. What we’re listing for you will either fall under “prank” or “mischief”. If we label it mischief it will most likely involve explosions, substances, or running & hiding. If you do them well enough or really poorly it could involve them all. As best man or groomsmen it is your responsibility to cause some ruckus.

A few items that should be standard when heading out on a bachelor party. By definition a bachelor party is a gathering of men. All man gatherings should find reason to use most of these items. So this list should be a no brainer

  • Roll of Duct tape
  • Fishing Line
  • Multi-plier
  • flashlight
  • Superglue

We’ll start you off with two of our favorite bachelor party pranks and mayhem. Keep an eye on the blog for future ideas from us.

Idea #1: Mischief : The Ping Pong Canon

It is incredibly easy to create a potato launcher in it’s simplest form. All you need a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, a ping pong ball, hair spray, and a lighter(preferably the long skinny kind). Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the tip of the lighter about an inch into one end the card board tube. Use your duct tape to seal that end off and keep the lighter secure.
  2. Take the hair spray and do a quick spritz down the open end of the tube. Make sure you’re using an aerosol type spray.
  3. Insert ping pong ball into tube ( don’t go further than half )
  4. Spark the lighter. The lighter will ignite the air/propellant mix and fire the ping pong ball out of the tube.

A common mistake is spraying too much hairspray into the tube. In order for combustion there needs to be a mix of hairspray and oxygen. Experiment with variable amounts of hairspray and also try different distances down the tube  for the ping pong ball. If you don’t have a paper towel roll, try taping two toilet paper rolls together. Continue reading →

Another Quirky Holiday Card from Us

Thanks to all our friends, clients, vendors, and everyone else that has made this year a success!!! We’re looking forward to another great year, full of bachelor/ette party craziness. =) We dragged ourselves away from the computer machine long enough to shoot a christmas card. If you didn’t see last year’s, it’s worth checking out here.


5 Great Bachelor Party Cities

Anywhere but Las Vegas! We hear that constantly in from bachelors that are weary of hearing about Vegas. It’s an institution but not everyone is into loud clubs, long lines, and a the Sin City light overload. A client recently  inspired us to put together 5 great bachelor party city alternatives to Las Vegas. We went looking for top bachelor party destinations that were strong in the following areas:

  • Transportation: Can you get around the city with your party without a car? Easily?
  • Lodging: Are there plenty of choices for hotels, motels, and vacation rentals? Are they friendly to bachelor parties?
  • Day/night Activities: Is there a nightlife? Is there a central area for the nightlife like a downtown? Is there stuff to do during the day?

With that criteria in mind we started looking and seeing which cities we felt a bachelor on his bachelor party could have some fun.

Golden Gate Bridge

Image by vgm8383 via Flickr

San Francisco

If you live in California then San Francisco is a no-brainer since it’s only a commuter flight or long drive away. For everyone else it’s sunny Southern California’s slight colder cousin to the north. Don’t let the lack of a plastic surgeon’s playground(orange county) fool you, it’s a prime destination for any bachelor party group. Their public transport is first-class. You can travel to any point in the city using BART or their trolley and bus system.  Your bachelor party  actually gets to choose from a few different neighborhoods to party in at night. Between North Beach and the Financial District you can find great restaurants, big clubs, cozy clubs, and a plenty in between. You can take daytime excursions to Napa Valley for some wine, jump in a kayak on the bay, or get your pulse up with some whitewater rafting. Here are a couple of party packages in the area:

Platinum Package: Defcon 4 – High-speed carting, stripper cruise, dinner, and shooting

Bachelors and Bullets – Shooting range and paintball

Continue reading →

Bachelorette Party Tip of the Day #4 – Planning Ahead of Time

Planning ahead of Time

Plan your bachelorette event two to three  months time prior to the big night or weekend – this will give you and those invited to get prepared, save up money, and you’ll insure that your going to get the reservations you want.

    Bachelor Party Quick Tip – Choosing an Activity

    Choosing an Event

    • Choose something unique for your event, remember this is a one off event for you and your friends and family to spend quality time together. Make the best of the time . Don’t waste it by just going out for dinner, then getting sloshed and ending up at the strip club – there is more to life, so live it! You could hit a ropes course, do a round of 18, shoot things, or any number of Men things.
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    Bachelor Party Quck Tip – Budget money


    Dont’ wait! Take time well in advance of the bachelor party to plan out what you’ll be doing. If you have a $500 per person event you don’t want to spring it on your group 2 weeks before.
    It is always a hassle collecting everyone’s money, especially when you don’t know everyone that is invited. With FireFly you won’t have to worry about collecting, you already have enough jobs to do. Everyone invited can log on and pay for their own seat, it means you won’t be out of pocket if people don’t show up.  Each bachelor can contribute towards the Groom’s seat

    Destination Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party: Los Angeles

    If you want to a taste of all-American culture, then head to Los Angeles.  It is the entertainment capital of the world, the streets of Hollywood often feel like a reality show. This diverse city has restaurants for the adventurous palate, the hottest clubs and eclectic beach cities.

    When hosting a bachelor party or bachelorette party in Los Angeles you always have to take into consideration the traffic, so leave plenty of time if you are going from one activity to another.  We recommend getting a limo or party bus, so you can relax and have a few drinks (optional) while someone else takes care of parking and navigating the traffic. Limo drivers are also great at recommending local activities and flavors.

    When we look for new locations for our parties we take a few things into account.

    • Transportation - is it easy to get around in Los Angeles? Public Transportation?
    • Proximity – Is everything ie. bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, etc close to each other? Are there some cool daytime excursions close to the area for the bachelorette party?
    • Saturation - Does the area have a strong selection of clubs, restaurants, bars, lodging etc?
    • Safety – Would a group feel comfortable wandering around the streets at 2 in the morning?

    In Los Angeles a Bachelor Party can go clay pigeon shooting, go-karting, or indoor sky-diving before hitting the clubs, while the Bachelorette Party can sample Champagnes, cook a gourmet 3 course dinner or simply relax in a spa.  You will not be disappointed by the sights and sounds in Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles Bachelor Party Packages:

    • Speed Demon – 50 laps round the race track, did we mention that you are driving, then sit down for a family style dinner and club.
    • Platinum – Spy School – Self defense followed by fencing, then learn how to make the perfect Martini – you are now ready for your next mission Mr Bond
    • Bump & Bowl – Bumper cars on ice (are you kidding me), then off to a swanky bowling alley with bar.

    Los Angeles Bachelorette Party Packages:

    • Idol Wannabe – Become a superstar for the day and make your own CD, then sit down to a family style dinner and entrance to a club.
    • Glamor Girls – Design your own perfume, then have your nails painted in this chic nail boutique (private party)
    • Chocoholic Poles – Awaken your inner sex kitten pole dancing then indulge in chocolate, make or taste these delectable treats in a chic chocolate shop (our most popular package)
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    Bachelorette Party Quick Tip – Choosing your Guest List


    Guest List

    Always consult the bride when deciding the guest list. She knows best when it comes to mixing work friends with childhood friends, and family with friends. Nothing would be worse that to have someone she didn’t want come to the party. Another thing to consider is the party activities and whether the people you’re inviting are a good choice for that. Chocolate making might not be good for the bride’s diabetic mother.

      Bachelor Party Quick Tip – Guest List

      The Guest List

      Think about the number of people you want to invite to your bachelor party. Up to 20 is usually a good number, any more and things might be hard to control and get out of hand. After 20 reservations become difficult, space is tighter, and it’s a whole lot of personality in one place. Keep it cozy and focus on the fun.