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How to Choose the Right Cigar for the Bachelor Party

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Selecting a stoagie, choosing a cigar, or picking a puffer carries some weight in man circles. Grabbing a cheapie roll of tobacco can dent that carefully crafted mojo you’re trying to establish. We’ll help you avoid the old shoe smelling mistakes and guide you toward the good stuff.

To start Everyone thinks Cuban’s are the ultimate in cigars. For one they are illegal(could add mojo), overrated and I am sure one of your friends would not recognize a true Havana cigar even if Castro himself showed up. And yes, Castro has showed up on a couple of our bachelor parties. Here’s some knowledge to help you avoid newbie mistakes:

Where they make good cigar: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Honduras.

Mild or Strong – This is the flavor and aroma of the smoke,  a powerful, heavy cigar’s taste can disappear quicker than you’d expect.

Size – there are several sizes, for the occasion choose something substantial like a Robusto or Corona, Churchills look cool, but they are huge!

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Utterly Engaged Snap, Crackle, Pop New Year’s Party

James and I put on our party clothes and went to the Utterly Engaged Snap, Crackle, Pop New Year’s Party held at the beautiful Aria Hotel in Long Beach.  We arrived early to help the lovely Lucia and Henny fill their goodie bags for the guests.

The party featured their 2nd annual design challenge, once again the talent was amazing – you will have to wait to their next issue comes out to see the winning table.

So nice to catch up with friends and meet some new folk in the industry.  We were treated to late-night breakfast and beverages hosted by Avia Hotel, Organic Ice-cream from Sweet Lucie’s, Dessert Bar from Honey Bee Sweeterie and mini donuts from Dough A Deer – my sweet tooth was satisfied.

Check us out – photo from Photocube.

Utterly Engaged Party

Utterly Engaged Party

Thank you for another great event ladies. xxx