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Bachelorette Party Planning Questions

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Being the Maid-of-Honor is a huge responsibility for anyone. Not only do you help the bride plan her Big Day, you have to  make ALL the decisions for the bachelorette party. How do you do that while trying to please the Bride and all of her special friends or bridesmaids?! We’ll try and help you avoid a Real Houswives worthy clash.

First, make sure you plan a party that suits her expectations without ruining the surprise.  A great tool to us  is to give the bride a mini questionnaire asking her likes and dis-likes. Continue reading →

The Fabulous Cake Girls

Cake is a boutique style bakery owned by the fabulous Kimberly, Jennifer and Christina.  Jennifer and Christina are graduates of the San Francisco Culinary Academy with over 12 years experience in the industry.  I managed to speak to the very busy and talented Kimberly who is the designer.  Cake creates items fresh to order, using only the finest ingredients.  They take limited bookings per week to ensure perfection and great customer service.  Check out their website: and blog:

Thanks Kimberly.

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White Water Rafting Bachelor Party for Real Men

Whitewater rafting is for closers. Strippers are for sissies.  Forget them. Any schmuck with mommy issues can wave a dollar bill and act like a 12 year old. We’re telling you to Man-Up and face nature like a gladiator…. with a paddle and a life preserver and a giant inflatable raft. Yes, we’re telling you that you need to go whitewater rafting if you want to be a man. You’ll face Class III rapids as you and your best friends scream into the foothills of the Sierras. The river is an unforgiving opponent and facing it successfully is more fun than partying Hangover II style. Mike Tyson never won a victory as sweet as navigating the South Fork or Middle fork of the American River.  Have we convinced you? Are you ready to book a whitewater rafting bachelor party?

Grab your big boy undies and check out our newest full day whitewater adventure for your bachleor party from $109 per person

You’ll get a day of adventure complete with lunch, guide, a boat(really), and a lifetime of memories that don’t involve a hairy mole on a stripper’s stomach(been there).

Crazy Bachelor Party Ideas: The Permanent Marker

Bachelor Party PranksIf you’ve ever woken up with marker on your face – we salute you. It’s a prank rite of passage that has strong and colorful presence in the annals(there are 2 Ns) of men. Whether it’s a birthday party, frat party, or bachelor party the marker has helped men make some damn good memories. To honor that mischief maker the marker, we tasked some of the wedding industry’s best and brightest for new imaginings involving the marker for the bachelor party. This is what we got back: Continue reading →

Surviving a Bachelor Party in Thailand – A la Hangover 2

The Hangover 2Bradley Cooper and the boys are heading to Thailand in the Hangover 2 for a new bachelor party. Thailand fascinates us but at the same time we fear for the lives of Stu, Alan, and Phil. It can be a magical place, great for a bachelor party or it can go terribly awry…  To quote the song by Murray Head, “One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster. The bars are temples but the pearls ain’t free.”  

If you’re thinking of following in their soon to be revealed footsteps, we’ve prepared some guidelines for you. Continue reading →