Bachelor Party Excuse Generator

Men. We understand that sometimes we screw up. Sometimes an explanation sounds just fine in your head…. but loses something in translation. That’s why we’ve had the scientests here at FireFly Bachelor Parties create our newest tool - The Excuse Generator. It comes with 3 great tools to help explain the mayhem that was the bachelor party.

Find an Excuse
We’ve tied into the Google machine and can now provide you with legitimate real-time real-life events that you can use to craft the ultimate story of heroics with a touch of humanity. Simply enter your zipcode and our techno wizardry will find you news events that correspond to the topic of your choice.

Create an Excuse
Simply enter a few key details in our Excuse Creator and you’ll have a custom excuse to get you out of any bachelor party related bind.

Pick an Excuse
We polled several industry greats and compiled a list of excuses that are 101% guaranteed to get you out of any jam. Just press the button and watch as the excuses leap onto the screen. It’s a crazy wonderful world we live in.

Regardless of which tool you use, please remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

The Excuse Generator

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