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Bachelorette Party Idea – Scavenger Hunt & Wine Bar in Los Angeles

The best way to find a good time on your bachelorette party is with our  Scaventure! Once you’re done terrorizing the city of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade on your scavenger hunt, you can head over to one of our favorite wine bars and unwind.  Over a glass of wine or 3, you can trade crazy scavenger hunt antics and relive the fun. Our Scaventure is perfect for your next birthday party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party in the Los Angeles area.

Not having your bachelorette party in Los Angeles? No problem, let us know where you’d like to host the hunt and we’ll help you make it happen. We’ve hosted parties in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, New Orleans and are adding more cities all the time.

What is a Scaventure?

Your Scaventure will be a series of challenges, findable objects, clues, trivia, and tasks that you will complete for big points. You’ll be racing the clock and the other teams to get 1st place. To win you’ll have to out think, outwit, out perform, and out create the other teams. It’s the perfect way to spend some time with the bride on her special weekend.

One of our group challenges... can you do it?

What kind of challenges are there?

We’ve packed your Scaventure with more than just challenges. You’ll have list of photos to take, items to find, and some required group challenges.  One example of a photo challenge is convincing a cute guy to remove his shirt for a group photo! In our Found items section we might ask you to bring back “Something hot”. We leave the interpretation of “hot” to you. It could be a packet of hot sauce or a picture of J-Lo. The group challenges are at assigned times and you’ll be competing as a team for big bonus points.  There is something for everyone in this scavenger hunt. We customize it to the bride because she’s the reason you’re all running around the city. =)

How many people do we need for the scavenger hunt?

The more the merrier! We can do it with as little as 6 people(price may vary) and as many as 50 or more. This is a popular event with joint bachelor parties and bachelorette parties.

What do we get at the wine bar?

A sophisticated good time with great drinks and atmosphere. You’ll have a private area just for your group in our favorite wine bar. In addition to great vintages we’ll make sure you’re well stocked with munchies. You’ll have cheese & fruit plates, hummus, bruschetta, and artisan pizzas to keep you going.


Check out our Scaventure/Wine Bar package along with tons of great bachelorette party options -


3 Great ideas for Bachelorette Party Cities

Love to travel?  Looking for great bachelorette party ideas? We’ve chosen  3  top cities to party in for your  bachelorette party.  We love these cities because they offer fun activities during the day time.  The nightlife is amazing and everything is in walking distance or a short cab ride.  There are plenty of quality restaurants, bars, lounges and nightclubs to choose from. Any of these places would make the perfect destination bachelorette party.

1. San Diego, CA - A sunny bachelorette getaway: The surf’’s up and there is plenty of outdoor activities to do in the sun.  For night time entertainment head to the Gaslamp District. Here your Bride will be spoilt for choice with about 150 restaurants, cool bars, lounges and clubs to dance the night away.  The excitement is never more than walking distance from party favorites like the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.  We offer some amazing packages in San Diego for the bachelorette party. Find the perfect activity for you -

2. Denver, CO - Join the Mile High Club: Fancy some meat ladies? Denver is well known for its large selection of high end steak houses. Meat isn’t just for men. Innovative chefs are making their mark in the Rocky Mountains. Did you know that Denver brews more beer than any other city in the U.S.  There are plenty of brewpubs, martini lounges and exclusive nightclubs to visit on your bachelorette party. Afterall, where there’s beer, there’s boys.  Downtown is where you will find the more popular crowd-pleasing venues, while in lower downtown you will find trendier more stylish places.   Between the rock climbing, paintball and spas you’ll never lack for daytime entertainment.

3. Boston, MA - A wicked good time bra: If you love sport, history or academics and drinking, then this is a city for you.  Along with its great music scene, art galleries, coffee shops, hip clubs and Irish Bars you’ll have lots of stimulation.  Boston is a great bachelorette party city because it’s compact, walkable, culturally rich and lets not forget the pubs. It’s a town know for it’s crazy fun party buses and a loving a good time.

Find the perfect idea for your bachelorette party

Bachelorette Party Idea – Los Angeles Chocolate Making Class

Need a unique fun bachelorette party idea or girls night out? Love chcolate? Try getting your hands dirty yummy with one of our chocolate tasting adventures! You and your friends will be immersed in a world of chocolate in one of our super cute chocolate boutiques. Your bachelorette party never tasted soooo good! In your 90 minutes with a world class chocolatier  you’ll don chef hats and aprons, taste decadent bon bons, take a tour of the chocolate factory, and make your very own molded chocolate creation. You’ll get to pipe in the chocolate then sit back and enjoy a hot drink from the cafe while you wait for it to set. You’ll be able to choose molds that range from naughty to nice.  So Fun!!!

If you’re interested in a chocolate making experience in the Los Angeles area for your bachelorette party, birthday party, or girls night out we’ve got you covered. Try one of the packages below:

Chocoholic Poles Package – Pole dancing lesson then a chocolate making party

Not in the LA area? We also offer a chocolate tasting in San Diego:

Chocolate Goddess – Pole Dancing Lesson & Chocolate tasting that incorporates a wine pairing

Chocolate tasting can also be booked by itself. Give us a call at 877.267.1939 and we’ll get you started.

Destination San Francisco- Bachelor Party & Bachelorette Party Ideas


Bachelor parties and bachelorette parties cannot go wrong in San Francisco.  When we first set-up in San Francisco came across a huge number of party ideas. If you’re looking for a great alternative to Las Vegas try San Francisco. From great food and music scenes to the world famous trolleys it’s got it all. Downtown, North Beach, and all the colorful neighborhoods boast their own personalities and have flavor enough for everyone. Alcatraz keeps a sleepy watch over the gorgeous bay with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge looming overhead. Your bachelor party won’t be disappointed when you show them the grilling classes, stripper cruises, or night club tours. The bachelorette party will love the nightclubs, relaxing spas, and sailing adventures.

When we check out a city for the first time we look for a few things:

  • Transportation - is it easy to get around?
  • Proximity – Is everything ie. bars, clubs, hotels, etc close to each other? Are there some cool daytime excursions close to the area for the bachelorette party?
  • Saturation - Does the area have a strong selection of clubs, restaurants, bars, etc?
  • Safety – Would a group feel comfortable wandering around the streets at 2 in the morning?
  • Lodging – What’s the hotel or vacation rental situation?

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Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower Games

Here are some bachelorette party games to either break the ice, get to know the other guests, competitive team games or just to crack a smile. These games are great for bridal showers as well. In our experience, games that sound ridiculous on paper are a ton of fun. Make sure you give it a chance before blowing it off. A little alcohol can make any of these more fun as well.  Continue reading →

Fun and Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Honestly, I never wanted the screaming drunk mayhem that gets associated with bachelorette parties. I want it to be fun, adventurous, and different. I know I’m not alone out there so I am putting ideas up for those brides who want something to remember. I looked at our bachelorette party packages and picked some ideas that I think are off the beaten track. Send this list to your Maid of Honor and see what kind of memories you can make.

heavyEquipmentHeavy Equipment Theme Park – Denver, Colorado

Move over boys it’s time for some  the women to play with big toys in the dirt!  Have you ever thought it would be cool to operate an excavator, bulldozer or skid steer?   Then now is your opportunity to play in the dirt.  On your digging adventure you can doze and excavate dams and ponds. Move and remove sand, gravel, rock, and other materials from your own individual work area. Continue reading →

Destination Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party: Los Angeles

If you want to a taste of all-American culture, then head to Los Angeles.  It is the entertainment capital of the world, the streets of Hollywood often feel like a reality show. This diverse city has restaurants for the adventurous palate, the hottest clubs and eclectic beach cities.

When hosting a bachelor party or bachelorette party in Los Angeles you always have to take into consideration the traffic, so leave plenty of time if you are going from one activity to another.  We recommend getting a limo or party bus, so you can relax and have a few drinks (optional) while someone else takes care of parking and navigating the traffic. Limo drivers are also great at recommending local activities and flavors.

When we look for new locations for our parties we take a few things into account.

  • Transportation - is it easy to get around in Los Angeles? Public Transportation?
  • Proximity – Is everything ie. bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, etc close to each other? Are there some cool daytime excursions close to the area for the bachelorette party?
  • Saturation - Does the area have a strong selection of clubs, restaurants, bars, lodging etc?
  • Safety – Would a group feel comfortable wandering around the streets at 2 in the morning?

In Los Angeles a Bachelor Party can go clay pigeon shooting, go-karting, or indoor sky-diving before hitting the clubs, while the Bachelorette Party can sample Champagnes, cook a gourmet 3 course dinner or simply relax in a spa.  You will not be disappointed by the sights and sounds in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Bachelor Party Packages:

  • Speed Demon – 50 laps round the race track, did we mention that you are driving, then sit down for a family style dinner and club.
  • Platinum – Spy School – Self defense followed by fencing, then learn how to make the perfect Martini – you are now ready for your next mission Mr Bond
  • Bump & Bowl – Bumper cars on ice (are you kidding me), then off to a swanky bowling alley with bar.

Los Angeles Bachelorette Party Packages:

  • Idol Wannabe – Become a superstar for the day and make your own CD, then sit down to a family style dinner and entrance to a club.
  • Glamor Girls – Design your own perfume, then have your nails painted in this chic nail boutique (private party)
  • Chocoholic Poles – Awaken your inner sex kitten pole dancing then indulge in chocolate, make or taste these delectable treats in a chic chocolate shop (our most popular package)
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Free Bachelorette Party Invitations

We’ve created some free bachelorette party invitation templates for the bad-ass chicks out there that are getting married. You know who you are. You can spot these mommas at roller derby on a Friday night hanging with all the other rock stars.  They’ve inspired us to put together a party invitation that plays to their less-delicate sensibilities. We did a little research and found that for a that last night of craziness, the only invites out there are flowery and nice and sweet. Not anymore just download the templates below, print them, folde ‘em, and send ‘em out.

Bachelorette Party Invitation 1

Download the Badass Invitation Template

Download the Ring InvitationTemplate

Bachelorette party invitation vintage

Download the Vintage Invitation Template

Bachelorette Party Idea: Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing lessons are a perfect match for your bachelorette party. You will feel a bit silly for about five minutes, and then you will have an unbelievably playful experience. Not only will you awaken your inner naughty kitten, you will feel more confident and beautiful. We love sending groups of girls pole dancing because they always come back with a smile on their face. They’ve pushed the boundaries of their normal experience and found they are capable of so much more. All that from a little ole pole! Not to mention the groom loves it when the bride pulls out her new moves on the honeymoon. =)

Not all pole dancing studios or the instructors teaching are created equal.  We work with a lot of vendors in California and Las Vegas. Through our experience here’s a list to keep in mind if you’re planning on taking a class:

  • Does your instructor do a warm-up and a cool-down? - Face it, we’re not all spring chickens. This is a very physical activity and should be approached with the proper respect
  • Do you go upside down your first class? – Not a great idea. There’s a progression that should be followed and rushing will hasten an injury.
  • How many poles does the studio have? – This is a good question but if they only have 3 don’t fret too much. More poles for larger groups means more time for each person. Less poles is still plenty of fun but if you have a chance, opt for more.

We make sure that all of our pole instructors provide a fun, safe environment for you to let loose in. You’ll find unique locations, crazy fun instructors, and a sense of empowerment with any of our pole dancing bachelorette packages.  Make sure your Maid of Honor checks these out when she plans your bachelorette party:

San Diego

Miss Behave - Pole Lesson and Pin-up photo shoot

San Francisco

Twirly Girlies – Pole Dancing Lesson & Boudoir photo shoot

Los Angeles

Chocolate Stilettos – Pole dancing and Chocolate Tasting

Orange County

Tasty Poles - cooking lesson and Pole Dancing Class

Bachelorette Party Drinking Games


We have selected a few of our top bachelorette party drinking games for playing at a party or in the bar.  Gather your friends, your courage,  and the most important item… the liquor of  your choice. You’ll know you’re doing it right when everyone is falling out of their seat from laughter or because the room is spinning.  Enjoy!! Also check out our drinking games for Bachelor Parties.

Alpha & Omega:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: Word game

How to Play: Select a category for example (Names of cities, Names of countries, Names of rivers or famous people etc.) and the first player names a word under the category and the next player must name a word beginning with the last letter of the previous word and so on around the circle. At each failure or a prolonged time period between answers the player must drink.  If someone uses a double letter for the first and last name for the celebrity (Donald Duck) – you reverse the direction of the play.

Who am I?:

What you need: Drinks, paper, pen

Object of the game: To guess which famous person you are

How to Play: Each person needs to write down a famous person on their piece of paper.  Once everyone has done that, place it face down and pass it to the person on their left.  That person needs to place the piece of paper on their forehead.  You then take turns to ask questions about the person you are, each time you get the answer wrong you have to drink.  This goes on until you work out whom you are.


I have Never:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: To find out as much as you can about your friends

How to Play: No list of drinking games would be complete without I have never. Players take turns making the statement ‘I have never ………”. , for example ‘I have never had a one night stand’ The person says something that they have supposedly never done. It is most fun when you try to be creative with what you haven’t done or you are a bit tipsy, but if you are lucky / unlucky enough not to have done something you know others have, you may use this to your advantage. If you have done what the person says they have never done, you drink. It’s a great ice breaker and if you play long enough you will find a lot you didn’t know about your friends! If at any point someone doesn’t drink for something that someone else knows that they have done, they must finish their drink.

Drink or Dare:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: To humiliate everyone.

How to Play: The Maid of Honor starts this drinking game by asking the bride, “Drink or dare?”.  The bride then has to choose to either except the dare or take the shot.  When she takes the dare option, the MOH dares her to do anything to her liking.  If the bride refuses she drinks double.  When her turn is over, it goes onto the next person, until everyone has been humiliated!


What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: Not to show your teeth

How to Play: Funny game, everyone sits in a circle and everyone picks the name of a vegetable. Let’s say for instance the Bride is a pepper, Maid of Honor is a cabbage, bachelorette #1 is a broccoli. You say your name out loud so everyone knows everyone else’s veggie name. To start the game a player says their veggie name and then another player’s veggie name. The player who’s veggie name was mentioned repeats this process. The object is to avoid showing your teeth. If at any time you are caught showing your teeth you have to drink. And it is hard to remember not to show your teeth. This game is good for laughs!

Fuzzy Duck:

What you need: Drinks

Object of the Game: Not to mix up your words

How to Play: The game starts off with someone saying ‘fuzzy duck’ to the person directly to their left. This process continues around the table until someone says ‘does he?’. The direction now changes but now players have to say ‘ducky fuzz’ instead.  This carries on until someone says ‘does he’ again, where players must now revert back to ‘fuzzy duck’. This has to keep going but as fast as possible. When someone messes up and says it wrong they must down their drink.  If somebody says ‘does he?’ twice in a row, they must down their drink as this is cheating!


Don’t forget to check out our bachelorette party tips!