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Tips for Planning Your Bachelorette Party

We have put together a few tips and pointers when choosing your  perfect bachelorette party with FireFly Group Events in Orange County or San Diego.

The secret of a good event is to plan ahead! We know how busy you are along with the responsibilities you have for the wedding. We know how stressful it can be planning an event, along with it being time consuming, that’s why the professionals at FireFly are here to help organize an event everyone is talking about for years to come. Each vendor we work with is a professional at what they do, they will take special care of you on your event – they say leave it to the experts, so we do.

Here are a few pointers:

  • You need to sit down with the bride and plan out the guest list. Chocolate making might not be good for the bride’s diabetic mother.
  • Think about the number of people you want to invite, up to 20 is usually a good number, any more and things might be hard to control and get out of hand
  • grannylapdanceSet the tone of the night, is it just your closest that are coming or will Grandma and your mother-in-law be invited as well – I am sure you don’t want your new mother in-law seeing you a little tipsy having a lap dance from a Chippendale!
  • Plan your bachelorette event a couple of months time prior to the big night or weekend – this will give you enough time for everyone invited to plan ahead, it also means you will definitely get the activities you have chosen.
  • Choose something unique for your event, remember this is a one off event for you and your friends and family to spend quality time together, cherish those relationships. Don’t waste it by just going out for dinner, then getting drunk and end up not remembering the fabulous event – there is more to life, so live it!
  • It is always a hassle collecting everyone’s money, especially when you don’t know everyone that is invited. With FireFly, you wont have to worry about this, you already have enough things to do. Everyone invited will log on and pay for their own seat, it means you wont be out of pocket if people don’t show up.
  • Decide if you want the bachelorette party to have a theme, think about what costumes, props and accessories you might need.  For example a burlesque theme. (check out our blog post to find some interesting themes)

cookingLesson_01 chocolateTasting_03naughty_02

Stay tuned for our next Tips for Planning Your San Diego Bachelorette Party.

Holiday Wishes in 2011 from your Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Experts

We had hundreds of people depend on us for the 2011 bachelor party and bachelorette party season!!! It was insane!!! A huge thanks to all of our Customer and Vendors for make us feel like we have friends. Have a great holiday season!!! (you can click the photo for a larger version)



HAPPY HALLOWEEN from your FAVORITE Bachelorette Party Planner

Nadine got a little twisted for Halloween… so we thought we’d share her child scaring costume with all of you.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! From the FireFly Crew!


Another Quirky Holiday Card from Us

Thanks to all our friends, clients, vendors, and everyone else that has made this year a success!!! We’re looking forward to another great year, full of bachelor/ette party craziness. =) We dragged ourselves away from the computer machine long enough to shoot a christmas card. If you didn’t see last year’s, it’s worth checking out here.


Featured in Orange County Business Journal

Whoo Hoo! We got a little love in the Orange County Business Journal this past week. They did an article on how small business owners (that’s us) are coping in the current economy. It’s definitely a topic close to our heart(and pockets). If you want to see what wisdom we spewed check out the article:

Orange County Business Journal

A little love from Utterly Engaged


The extremely hot and trendy girls at Utterly engaged recently passed us some of their mojo. We’re hoping it takes and we can take the wedding world by storm like they have.  Check out the nice things they had to say about us here on their blog –

If you haven’t checked out Utterly Engaged, do so now. We’ll wait….

Ok, so now you know why we’re their biggest fans.  Great photos, fun writing, amazing design, and they do it all in a skirt! It also helps(our adoration) that they included us in their “Man” issue. We’ll blog more on that in a different post. For now, go soak in some of their fabness and see what’s hot.



Married On Myspace – Go vote for us!

We’re providing two bachelor party options for the online reality show Married on Myspace. We’re contributing Trapeze lessons and a high-performance Karting Grand Prix. Graeham and his guys should have a great time on either. And yes, we do advocate swinging on a trapeze for the men. =)

Heres the trapeze package:

Here’s the carting package:

Show some love and go vote for us at their website. Doesn’t matter which on you vote for as long as it’s ours!!!!

You can vote by visiting:

While you’re voting check out episode 7 to see what the girls got up to on the bachelorette party. Our package was chosen for that one!

Thanks for all the support!

Happy Easter – California Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties


California Bachelor Party – Leprechaun Hunting

Yes. We hunt leprechauns. These fairytale scrooges of the littlest kind have denied the world their gold for too long. Now it’s possible, through the use of Modern Technology, to find the end of the rainbow and give the leprechauns their due. Check out our St. Patricks Day bachelor party package – Commotion in the Clover. This is a single day offer so book now:

Sarthak’s Last Stand – San Diego Bachelor Party


We received an email from Sarthak’s Best Man Josh a few weeks ago. He was looking for some “fun stuff outdoors” in San Diego as he sat freezing in his apartment in Chicago. Fun? Outdoors? Welcome to our world Josh! A few emails later we had packaged our kick awesome ropes course with a trip on the Pacific in kayaks for Sarthak’s bachelor party. Sarthak and crew were cool enough to let us send a camera along. We got to see first hand what a funny, adventurous, tight knit group of friends he has. Thanks guys!


Sarthak picked the nickname on everyone’s name tag… names like Dinglebarry, Akon, Rapey, and Big Wang were par for the course. It’s his party he can call you whatever he wants.

Sarthak Blog

Our group had a blast on the ropes course! Ryan, [the facilitator], not only showed us what to do, but also brought us together for some heartfelt moments. — Govind



Sarthak must have some SERIOUS mojo because despite the ominous clouds, no rain fell on this group.


Sarthak was the first man up and set the tone for the rest of the group….

bach final





The zip line was ridiculous! – Jason



Here’s Josh sporting Best Man Chic for a leisurely stroll down to the ocean.


bach final1