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Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower Games

Here are some bachelorette party games to either break the ice, get to know the other guests, competitive team games or just to crack a smile. These games are great for bridal showers as well. In our experience, games that sound ridiculous on paper are a ton of fun. Make sure you give it a chance before blowing it off. A little alcohol can make any of these more fun as well.  Continue reading →

Fun and Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Honestly, I never wanted the screaming drunk mayhem that gets associated with bachelorette parties. I want it to be fun, adventurous, and different. I know I’m not alone out there so I am putting ideas up for those brides who want something to remember. I looked at our bachelorette party packages and picked some ideas that I think are off the beaten track. Send this list to your Maid of Honor and see what kind of memories you can make.

heavyEquipmentHeavy Equipment Theme Park – Denver, Colorado

Move over boys it’s time for some  the women to play with big toys in the dirt!  Have you ever thought it would be cool to operate an excavator, bulldozer or skid steer?   Then now is your opportunity to play in the dirt.  On your digging adventure you can doze and excavate dams and ponds. Move and remove sand, gravel, rock, and other materials from your own individual work area. Continue reading →

Bachelorette Party Tip – Theme Ideas

Choosing a Theme

  • Decide if you want the bachelorette party to have a theme, think about what costumes, props and accessories you might need.
  • If you go with a theme the first thing you should consider is the Bride’s tastes. What is she into? Is she a huge fan of anything?
  • It’s not all about the costume. If this is a home based party you should consider theming every aspect from the place settings to the decor.

Here are a few bachelorette party ideas:

  • Burlesque – You could all pick an industry and then dress up cute – flight attendant, nurse, maid – everyone must wear suspenders and stockings with their chosen outfit. – cocktails in martini glasses, lots of red lipstick and fake eyelashes.
  • Vampire Theme – you could dress up as sexy vampires, wild hair, fake teeth. Have only red drinks the entire night.
  • Sports – You could all pick a sport and dress up in cute outfits representing your chosen sport or team. Men love a girl in nothing but a jersey. =0

Vendor Love – Ever Ours

Lydia creator of Ever Ours adores scouring the web for anything wedding inspirational from the big picture as in real weddings to the small details like wedding accessories.  She looks for everything unique, beautiful, stunning, astounding, amazing, gorgeous or anything that truly stands out in the world of weddings.  One of the friendliest people you will ever meet with a heart of gold, her blog should be on your MUST reads every day. We met Lydia at a wedding industry costume party last year and have kept and eye on her since.  She’s our source for fabulous wedding inspiration.

Thanks Lydia for sharing.

What is your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?
Creative backdrops for photobooths. Love when it’s not just a plain backdrop, but something fun and unique!

What made you decide to create Ever Ours?
When my 9 to 5 job started to become boring and I knew I wasn’t meant to be a paper pusher. I had always had interest in weddings, so when friends started to ask me for advice about weddings and ideas, I decided to start blogging as a way for them to come take a look.

Why should every bride in the world read Ever Ours?
To be inspired. To fall in love with ideas for their own wedding day and make it their own.

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party in Los Angeles?
It definitely have to be a mix of ATV/Surfing and some spa time.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
Judy Garland , Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews. All three women have been of major importance in the world of entertainment. And I have always been huge fans of theirs. My sister says I was born in the wrong era especially since I tend to listen to old musicals, big band and anything from the rat pack era a lot. Would love to be in the same place with them. Pretty sure we’d have a ball!

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory, one you have been a guest?
When the whole bridal party jumped into the pool at the end of the night, and the groom cut his lip doing so.

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?
I’d say Beach. But I’d like to add Backyard. And if I could, I’d choose Backyard.

Lydia created this Dark & Twisty bridal shower with a few fab wedding industry folk (photo taken by Adrienne Gunde Photography)

Lydia created this Dark & Twisty bridal shower with a few fab wedding industry folk (photo taken by Adrienne Gunde Photography)

If you could give one piece of wedding advice to a couple, what would that be………..?
Make sure to make this day about you. You don’t necessarily need to follow the trends, but just make sure that you are picking what you love and what’s most important for you both.

Make sure you check out Lydia’s website: