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3 Great ideas for Bachelorette Party Cities

Love to travel?  Looking for great bachelorette party ideas? We’ve chosen  3  top cities to party in for your  bachelorette party.  We love these cities because they offer fun activities during the day time.  The nightlife is amazing and everything is in walking distance or a short cab ride.  There are plenty of quality restaurants, bars, lounges and nightclubs to choose from. Any of these places would make the perfect destination bachelorette party.

1. San Diego, CA - A sunny bachelorette getaway: The surf’’s up and there is plenty of outdoor activities to do in the sun.  For night time entertainment head to the Gaslamp District. Here your Bride will be spoilt for choice with about 150 restaurants, cool bars, lounges and clubs to dance the night away.  The excitement is never more than walking distance from party favorites like the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.  We offer some amazing packages in San Diego for the bachelorette party. Find the perfect activity for you -

2. Denver, CO - Join the Mile High Club: Fancy some meat ladies? Denver is well known for its large selection of high end steak houses. Meat isn’t just for men. Innovative chefs are making their mark in the Rocky Mountains. Did you know that Denver brews more beer than any other city in the U.S.  There are plenty of brewpubs, martini lounges and exclusive nightclubs to visit on your bachelorette party. Afterall, where there’s beer, there’s boys.  Downtown is where you will find the more popular crowd-pleasing venues, while in lower downtown you will find trendier more stylish places.   Between the rock climbing, paintball and spas you’ll never lack for daytime entertainment.

3. Boston, MA - A wicked good time bra: If you love sport, history or academics and drinking, then this is a city for you.  Along with its great music scene, art galleries, coffee shops, hip clubs and Irish Bars you’ll have lots of stimulation.  Boston is a great bachelorette party city because it’s compact, walkable, culturally rich and lets not forget the pubs. It’s a town know for it’s crazy fun party buses and a loving a good time.

Find the perfect idea for your bachelorette party

Fun and Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Honestly, I never wanted the screaming drunk mayhem that gets associated with bachelorette parties. I want it to be fun, adventurous, and different. I know I’m not alone out there so I am putting ideas up for those brides who want something to remember. I looked at our bachelorette party packages and picked some ideas that I think are off the beaten track. Send this list to your Maid of Honor and see what kind of memories you can make.

heavyEquipmentHeavy Equipment Theme Park – Denver, Colorado

Move over boys it’s time for some  the women to play with big toys in the dirt!  Have you ever thought it would be cool to operate an excavator, bulldozer or skid steer?   Then now is your opportunity to play in the dirt.  On your digging adventure you can doze and excavate dams and ponds. Move and remove sand, gravel, rock, and other materials from your own individual work area. Continue reading →

Kristin Banta Events – Los Angeles Event Design

Kristin Banta Events is a boutique event design firm in Los Angeles that specializes in distinctive, memorable affairs.  Kristin and her staff are masters at relieving party planning stress by handling the burden of logistics, calming frayed nerves, and putting a contemporary spin on age-old traditions.  Kristin has an extensive background in fashion, entertainment and international event production, as well as experience in catering and interior design.  She will create an unforgettable celebration while bringing a fresh perspective to the mix.  You will fall in love with Kristin as she transforms your wedding day dreams into reality.  Thank you Kristin for your time.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

What’s your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?
I love that couples are finding their own voices beyond just the oversimplification of picking colors but are showing who they are in their events, looking beyond wedding magazines and traditional floral centerpieces to creating an environment that speaks to who they are and why they are together.

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
I am very clear on this:  definitely Champagne or wine tasting, Manicure & Martini or Wine Tour & Hot Springs as I am clearly a lush.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
Carmen Electra or Kim Kardashian as both seem just sassy enough to spice things up and maybe Tim Gunn because he rocks.

What’s your most outrageous memory at a wedding?

A pick-pocketing mariachi followed by a freak wind storm which took out our centerpieces and ignited a number of small fires in the reception space, followed by a power outage, overflowing bathrooms, the mother of the bride falling in the pool, my staff and I having all of our clothes and shoes stolen and the fireworks guy getting arrested before he could set off the fireworks. After all this, ending the night by tumbling down cliffside stairs with 6 other vendors like drunk pirates on a ski slope…Clearly, this was in Mexico. And if I may brag, it was a masterpiece of coordination that we covered everything up so the guests had no idea that any of this happened including making new centerpieces in the 10 minutes before the guests arrived, putting out the fires, tripping the breakers to restore power, fixing and mopping the bathrooms, jumping in the pool with the mother of the bride to insinuate that it was an intentional pool party, stealing our clothes and shoes back from the vagrants who stole them and getting the fireworks guy out of jail then sending him out to sea in a rowboat so he could set them off from the ocean.  All in a day’s work, my friends.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?
Countryside or Mountain maybe forest…NOT beach.  I’m not a fan of sand as it’s a total menace and gets into everything…and prevents a girl from wearing heals.  Winter mountain scene with birch trees, furs and hot toddies could be amazing…long dramatic countryside tables are always fab – chandeliers over an open table overflowing with estate silver and crystal and mismatched china with rich bustled layered linens is always delicious…or a long reclaimed wood table in the forest with candelabras and heavy rustic glassware and china, bear skins and leather accents like a mid-century post battle feast – rad.

Who would you rather deal with: The hungover Groom, Interfering Mother of the Bride or a Bridezilla?
Hungover Groom EVERY TIME.  Interfering mothers and overindulged bridezillas who take themselves too seriously I have no patience for.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
to make it your own.  You have one shot at this and it’s the most important party you are ever going to throw….it shouldn’t be about anyone other than you and your beau.  And if your groom isn’t involved, get him involved, find out which elements interest him as it’s as much his day as it is yours.    And don’t forget humor – it should be as present in the wedding day as heart and style.

Visit her website:

kristin Banta Events

kristin Banta Events

DIY – In Case of Emergency – Don’t pull hair

Wedding Emergency Kit

We know as MOH you have a lot of responsibilities, so we thought we’d ease your burden by listing out a great emergency kit that you can put together for the bride – she will love you for it.  These are hings that she might not have thought of or forgotten to bring on the day of the wedding like a sewing kit, mints, or fabric spot cleaner.  You can buy most of these “just in case”  items at the drug store, Target or Walmart.

If you pick a cute basket to hold everything the bride can reuse it once the wedding is past.  Here’s our starter list, we’re sure you’ll have some fun items to add to the list:

  • Headache pills
  • Mints/pocket listerine
  • Clear Nail Polish / File
  • Dental Floss
  • Hairspray
  • Deodorant
  • Needle and Thread
  • Kleenex, for the emotional tears
  • Lint remover
  • Q Tips
  • Safety Pins
  • Scissors
  • Shout Pen/Wipes / Chalk
  • Hand Sanitzer
  • Tampon
  • Glue/ Double Sided Tape
  • Granola Bar
  • Visine
  • Tums
  • Imodium
  • Hair Elastics / Hairspray / Hair Pins
  • Baby Powder
  • Lotion
  • Instant Hem & Cuff Fabric Tape

I found a lot of great boxes at the Container Store, click on the pictures below for more ideas.

For the Bachelorette Party, it’s a sweet gesture to put together a token gift for all the girls for the day or night out.  It’s a little something extra from the bridal shower gifts.  You can get a little more creative and artsy when putting together this emergency kit.  You can package them up in cute gift bags or boxes that match the colors of the wedding.  You can add a little message to each item, something funny or personal.   These are just suggestions to help you as you select items for you your kit.

  • Lip Gloss
  • Mints/Gum/Strips
  • Headache pills
  • FireFly Event Trip Sheet (Maps, itinerary, phone numbers)
  • Condoms (safety first) – for all those single girls
  • Candy necklace
  • Tissues
  • Emory Board / Clear nail polish
  • Band Aid
  • Hair Ties
  • Shot Glass and small bottle of alcohol

I found a few cute bags on Etsy that are reasonably priced to put all your goodies in. It’s a lovely gift which is also a nice keepsake for the girls.

Click on the bags below to find out which Etsy Store they belong to.

If you would prefer to buy a kit already made, we have found this great site Classy Girl Gift Co. They also have kits for the bride on

100 Layer Cake held a DIY competition, one of the finalists was Meredith’s Bachelorette Survival Kit – which we think is adorable.

Bachelorette Party Props

There are a few things that you might want to bring along to the bachelorette party, to let the world know that your best friend is getting married.

  • A Headpiece – Either a veil, tiara, bride hat or a hilarious wig.
  • Burlesque – A feather boa
  • The Dare to List – Get all the girls to write down some dares for the bride to do while on her bachelorette party (we will include one at a later date)
  • Design a T-Shirt – All the bachelorette guests can design their own t-shirt, or one for the bride – something funny (a picture from the past or a funny one of the groom) or a cute one
  • Blow-up Doll – A blow up doll that the bride has to carry or handcuff to herself, dressed in a funny outfit.
  • Disposable Cameras – About 2 of them, this means the cameras can be passed around during the bachelorette party, you want to make sure you get a record of this once in a lifetime event. You can even hire a photographer – we have some great packages on our site.  They will be able to document the event professionally.  What an amazing memory.
  • X-Rated paraphernalia – need we say anymore – there are lots of bachelorette party sites or adult stores that you can purchase naughty gifts.

Bridal Shows

San Diego – The Convention Center

Aaaahhhh….lovely San Diego, what a great place to have a booth at a bridal show.  We were welcomed by a number of fabulous brides-to-be and Maid of Honors, even a few grooms who were being dragged round the event. Luckily for the grooms this show had some free samples of champagne to dull the pain. =)

Here’s Nadine with our new booth concept:

Our new bridal "shower" booth for bridal shows(say that 3 times fast).

Our new bridal "shower" booth for bridal shows(say that 3 times fast).

We came up with the idea of creating a shower (for bridal showers)!!!  James did a fab job of creating the masterpiece (not without help).

As always, we had wonderful neighbors, some of whom we will feature in our future  blog posts.

Orange County – Queen Mary

Ahoy Mateys…. It be time for an accounting of our recent show…. Ahem… We had a great time at the Queen Mary Bridal show. Amidst the art deco décor, the ocean, and sailors we managed to meet lots of wonderful brides and avoided having the theme from The Love Boat stuck in our heads. It was a tighter fit at this show, but we didn’t mind because once again our neighbors were fabulous. The crew from Silver Line Productions kept trying to steal our bachelorette sash and we tried to steal their candy. By the end of the show we were sugared up and Victor from SilverLine had the sash.

We’re looking forward to our next show when our booth will include a blow up doll(stay tuned for details)!!

Nadine and Victor from Silverline Productions after he finally got our sash!

Nadine and Victor from Silverline Productions after he finally got our sash!

FireFly Bachelor Events - Some of our new friends from the show

FireFly Bachelor Events - Some of our new friends from the show