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Happy Easter – California Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties


Vendor Love – Interview with Mint Photolounge

When we met Shea and Sarah from Mint Photo Lounge I was the Welfairey and Nadine was a FireFly. We were at an industry Halloween mixer and they had a super swank photo booth set-up. We jumped in line and within seconds of the flash going off we had a strip of goofy photos.  They had even added the name the event to the photos. Way too cool! We highly recommend adding a photo booth to your next party or event. Mint let’s you choose the photo layout, caption, and more.   After the party we caught up with the kids at Mint Photo Lounge and asked them some questions.

How did Mint Photolounge begin?

While planning for our wedding, we researched many different photo booth companies but were unable to find exactly what we were looking for. We wanted something that was sleek and modern yet still took great pictures, so they decided to go for it themselves and Mint Photo Lounge was created.

If you could have anyone in your photolounge from the present day or the past who would it be and why?

Shea: Michael Jackson. I could see him having so much fun in the lounge and laughing at all of his photos.

Sarah: Audrey Hepburn because she is FABULOUS!

20090718_102805Mint PhotoloungeWhat FireFly package would you pick for your bachelor & bachelorette party?

Shea: I think I would do a bachelor weekend.  We would do the “Shoot em up” paintball day and the “Platinum-15000ft to Dinner” with the Flight Stunt Maneuvers. That would be a full combat weekend of fun.

Sarah: I would pick the “Flirty Bubbles” package.  I am a big champagne fan and I think champagne tasting would be a ball.  The model pin up photo shoot would be fun too.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelor and bachelorette party? Why?

Shea: Vince Vaughn, Kobe Bryant and Larry David.  Vince Vaughn would probably be so funny and might get a little crazy. Kobe because he is Kobe and one of the greatest basketball players of all time and I would love to pick his brain. I think Larry David would bring some interesting conversations/arguments to the group and whomever else we hang out with. He might get us in trouble though.

Sarah: None. Why would I want them there to steal my thunder? J

What’s your most outrageous memory at a wedding?

Shea: hummmm…This one wedding singer was cursing while singing at the reception…wait…that is in a movie….

Sarah: A bridesmaid/sister-of-the-bride at a wedding thought she took zanex before the wedding but accidently took sleeping pills. It made for an interesting ceremony and reception.

Your rich uncle Donald(trump) gives your $5 million dollars. How would you spend that on a wedding?

Shea: I would put it towards an unreal site and then have a few major musical artists come and play for everyone. Think about Jack Johnson singing some songs followed by a few crowd pleasers from Journey.

Sarah: Great food. Great champagne (and lots of it). A fabulous venue. I think I would have to invest the other $4.5 million because I don’t think I can spend that much on a wedding.

Mint Photolounge20091027_083955Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?

Shea: Beach for sure…no question.

Sarah: none…how about an ocean view from a private estate.

Who would you rather deal with: The hungover Groom, Interfering Mother of the Bride or a Bridezilla?

Shea: no comment

Sarah: any of them…they don’t sound that bad to me.

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…

Shea: to enjoy the process and take time at the wedding to breathe and take it all in.

Sarah: to do what you want and don’t try and please everybody. And, yes, splurge on the shoes.

Thanks Mint Photolounge!

Looking for something unique and fun for your  birthday party, bachelor party, company party, or any other kind of party? Check out the photo booth from Mint Photolounge:

DIY – Light up your Life

I am obsessed with lights,  candles, and lanterns  so I am sure there will be plenty more lighting DIY posts at later dates.  With a company name like FireFly we have to represent the lighting. Here are a few DIY twinkling light projects to illuminate you.

Save all your tin cans and you can make these great lanterns or table numbers.  A perfect way to recycle or upcycle.

Fine Gardening has a good tutorial on how to make them.

100 Layer Cake has a great way to number all your wedding tables using Tin Cans

Have you ever wanted to make your own paper lanterns, well Once Wed posted this tutorial up.

Here is a simple way to hang candles using mason jars.  Lifehacker have posted this inexpensive way to add some mood lighting to your next outdoor party

Love these Vintage Tea Tin Pendant Lights from Meretricious Creations on Junk Market Style.

Planners and Photogs and Costumes… Oh MY!

A few glow sticks, needle & thread, plastic bags, an iron, and a whiz to the costume store for a kids size fire woman outfit, was all it took to get us ready for the SoCal Wedding Halloween Networking Bash. Nadine got kitted out as a FireFly and I donned the mantle of the “Welfairey”. And yes, the Welfairey is the same mythical creature that flies around handing out food stamps to those in need.  With our alter egos in place we raced off for the Hills (beverly) only to come face to face with a locked gate. NO0000! Luckily, we weren’t alone and our new friends used the power of the iPhone to find a different way in. Yay!

Wedding Industry Halloween Mixer

There was a brief moment in the parking lot where Nadine and I feared no one else would be in costume. As we walked up though we saw zombies, Marie Antoinette, Mr. Miyagi, that kid from Where the Wild things are, and some other fantastic costumes. Whew!

Justin from Waveform Events leading Nadine through Thriller

Justin from Waveform Events leading everyone through Thriller

It was a great night put together by The Stylish Soiree & Contemporary Catering at Franklin Canyon Park with some help from a few others. Melody from Sweet & Saucy kept me sugared up with pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate mousse. We made some new friends (eva, tashina, shannon, justin, hunter, dana, and a few more) and put some faces to some of the blogs We follow.  We can’t wait for the next one! Thanks everyone.


Nadine with Melody from Sweet & Saucy

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Our Theme Song – FireFlies by Owl City

We couldn’t resist sharing our self appointed theme song for FireFly Group Events. The artist Owl City created all of his music in the comforts of his bedroom. It was nice of him to think of us! =) Having a theme song makes us feel like super heroes.

Check Owl City out at: