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How to Choose the Right Cigar for the Bachelor Party

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Selecting a stoagie, choosing a cigar, or picking a puffer carries some weight in man circles. Grabbing a cheapie roll of tobacco can dent that carefully crafted mojo you’re trying to establish. We’ll help you avoid the old shoe smelling mistakes and guide you toward the good stuff.

To start Everyone thinks Cuban’s are the ultimate in cigars. For one they are illegal(could add mojo), overrated and I am sure one of your friends would not recognize a true Havana cigar even if Castro himself showed up. And yes, Castro has showed up on a couple of our bachelor parties. Here’s some knowledge to help you avoid newbie mistakes:

Where they make good cigar: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Honduras.

Mild or Strong – This is the flavor and aroma of the smoke,  a powerful, heavy cigar’s taste can disappear quicker than you’d expect.

Size – there are several sizes, for the occasion choose something substantial like a Robusto or Corona, Churchills look cool, but they are huge!

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Great Bachelor Party Pranks & Mischief


Waking up stranded on the roof  Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the morning after your bachelor party, is what we consider epic. Yes, we know that The Hangover is a just a movie, but a part of us treats like it’s an almost reality. It gives the rest of us pranksters and miscreants something to shoot for. Now stealing a tiger, angering naked asian dudes, and abandoned infants are beyond the scope of this article. We will however cover some pranks and some mischief that can add to the craziness at any bachelor party. What we’re listing for you will either fall under “prank” or “mischief”. If we label it mischief it will most likely involve explosions, substances, or running & hiding. If you do them well enough or really poorly it could involve them all. As best man or groomsmen it is your responsibility to cause some ruckus.

A few items that should be standard when heading out on a bachelor party. By definition a bachelor party is a gathering of men. All man gatherings should find reason to use most of these items. So this list should be a no brainer

  • Roll of Duct tape
  • Fishing Line
  • Multi-plier
  • flashlight
  • Superglue

We’ll start you off with two of our favorite bachelor party pranks and mayhem. Keep an eye on the blog for future ideas from us.

Idea #1: Mischief : The Ping Pong Canon

It is incredibly easy to create a potato launcher in it’s simplest form. All you need a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, a ping pong ball, hair spray, and a lighter(preferably the long skinny kind). Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the tip of the lighter about an inch into one end the card board tube. Use your duct tape to seal that end off and keep the lighter secure.
  2. Take the hair spray and do a quick spritz down the open end of the tube. Make sure you’re using an aerosol type spray.
  3. Insert ping pong ball into tube ( don’t go further than half )
  4. Spark the lighter. The lighter will ignite the air/propellant mix and fire the ping pong ball out of the tube.

A common mistake is spraying too much hairspray into the tube. In order for combustion there needs to be a mix of hairspray and oxygen. Experiment with variable amounts of hairspray and also try different distances down the tube  for the ping pong ball. If you don’t have a paper towel roll, try taping two toilet paper rolls together. Continue reading →

Bachelor Party Tip of the Day – #1 – The Guest List

The secret of a good event is to plan ahead. We know that planning is kryptonite to most guys, so FireFly is here to help you and ensure there are no hiccups along the way!  Look out for different tips and tricks to help you plan a smooth event.

The Guest List: Take the time to sit down with the Groom and hash out the guest list. You can’t blindly invite the world to the bachelor party. In the end, this party is for him and he knows who should make the list.  It’s also important to consider the activity you’ve chosen when deciding who to invite.  Whitewater rafting might not be good for Uncle Joe who lost both arms in a wood chipper, while beer tasting would be a bad idea for Cousin Sal (everyone remembers the last time you gave Him alcohol).  In fact,  Cousin Sal should probably not get invited to the wedding. Sorry Cousin Sal. It’s a balancing act, whoever you invite, between who’s going and what’s going on. We’ve seen guys who’ve had multiple parties to deal with different groups. Be aware but don’t take it too seriously.

Anyone out there  ever had to deal with a bachelor party guest gone wrong?

The Plunge – A wedding resource for men

In their relentless pursuit of other men’s attention the Plunge has also put together a great section on bachelor parties. You can read all about it here:

What is
It’s a website for guys. Specifically, it’s a site for guys getting married, or guys thinking of getting married, or maybe guys who are terrified of marriage. Mostly, though, it’s a site for guys who are kinda skeptical and turned off by the idea of “wedding planning.” We give survival tips.  We cover the whole gamut: buying the ring, the bachelor party, tuxes, dealing with obnoxious parents, cold feet, and negotiating the ethics of lapdances.

plunge_01Describe the ideal reader for the plunge?
A billionaire who is so charmed by us he says, “Yes. Yes. I need to make these guys filthy rich.” Second-best reader? An average guy who’s either: 1) getting married; 2) thinking of getting married; or 3) recently married.

There’s a key phrase there: “average guy.” No, we don’t insist that our readers get Cs in high school or wallow in mediocrity, but we like to distinguish the Average Guy from the “Super Grooms” out there. We’re not really into the whole Super-Groom thing—those guys who freak out over stationary, read more wedding magazines than the bride, and talk about things like “table decorations.’ Weird, right?

At The Plunge, we’re not trying to make every guy the best groom he can be. We’re trying to help them survive the process.

How has The Plunge been received by the bridal industry and brides in general?
The death threats have slowed to a trickle. We’re starting to get less hate mail. Actually, we’re not joking. (Well okay we’re joking about the death threats.) When the site first launched, we did get a few emails from Bridezillas along the lines of, “HOW DARE YOU!??!”

Then… something weird happen. Brides started telling their grooms about the site. Brides started reading the site. Hell, brides even started writing into our Ask the Expert column, seeking our perspective. We realized something: we struck a chord.

Plenty of people—brides and grooms alike—want advice that’s not loaded down with the puffy, overly-serous, self-important dogma you see elsewhere. We have an article “How Wedding-Porn is Brainwashing Your Fiancée,” and both men and women seem to get it… because it’s not just funny, it’s also sort of true.

As for the bridal industry? A mixed bag. On the one hand, we take plenty of cheap shots at other wedding publications. It’s who we are. So there’s probably some resentment. On the other hand… we don’t like to publicize this, as it sort of flies in the face of our whole shtick… but somehow, shockingly, a lot of the bridal sites seem to like us. At least, they claim to, as we’re now syndicating our content to several different wedding publications.  (Let the backlash and cries of “sell-outs!” begin!)

Any big plans for 2010?
Bachelor party in New Orleans. Trip to Vegas. Consumption of a staggering amount of bourbon. And for the site—yep. Lots of stuff in the pipeline. But as much as I hate to sound like an NFL coach being coy about the game-plan (“We’re just looking forward to Sunday’s game…”) contractually, I’m not allowed to say much. But I’ll put it to you this way—there’s a good chance you’ll see a whole swath of new content on The Plunge that’s not, necessarily, about grooms…

Which 3 famous people (alive or dead) would you invite to a bachelor party?
1. Frank Sinatra circa 1964
2. Vince Vaughn circa 1998
3. Jesus circa 32, so that he can instantly absolve any sins.

What FireFly Group Events package would you pick for your bachelor party?
We’d have to go with root-beer making. That sounds awesome. (Seriously, we have to ask… Do people really choose that? You guys have some badass stuff, some really great stuff. And then… root-beer.)

If the root-beer making class was all filled up, we’d do a combo of:

1. White-water rafting – Raging Rivers (although we’re tempted to choose your package called “The Plunge”)
2. Vegas Hangover.

Our favorite bachelor parties are the ones that combine the 1-2 punch of outdoor activity and drunken stupidity. White-water rafting and Vegas would seem to do the trick. This would be a long weekend, obviously, but we’d rally.
What’s your most outrageous wedding or bachelor party memory?
Bachelor Party Rule #12: never confess outrageous memories, especially in a public interview.

But. Let’s say I have a “friend” who, in a Vegas strip club, accidentally went to the upstairs room… which was filled with the male dancers. You’d think this friend would immediately run downstairs, right? But wait. Consider.  The same qualities that make normal strip clubs a terrible place to meet women—few female customers, dancers who aren’t interested in anything but $$$, drunken dude douchebags—make the male-strip clubs a great place to meet women. The girls are all drinking heavily, laughing, flirting, with zero other straight-dudes in the room. So my friend was able to meet, flirt, and, ah, get friendly with all the non-stripper girls he wanted, as he had zero competition.  But don’t tell everyone or you ruin the secret.

It’s the morning after the bachelor party, there is a tiger in your room, you can’t find the groom, what do you do?!!
Shoot the groom, eat the tiger, call the bride. No, that’s not right—shoot the tiger, feed the bride, eat the baby. [In other words, I’m still drunk.]

Thanks for the answer’s Jeff, the check’s in the mail!

Kristin Banta Events – Los Angeles Event Design

Kristin Banta Events is a boutique event design firm in Los Angeles that specializes in distinctive, memorable affairs.  Kristin and her staff are masters at relieving party planning stress by handling the burden of logistics, calming frayed nerves, and putting a contemporary spin on age-old traditions.  Kristin has an extensive background in fashion, entertainment and international event production, as well as experience in catering and interior design.  She will create an unforgettable celebration while bringing a fresh perspective to the mix.  You will fall in love with Kristin as she transforms your wedding day dreams into reality.  Thank you Kristin for your time.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

What’s your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?
I love that couples are finding their own voices beyond just the oversimplification of picking colors but are showing who they are in their events, looking beyond wedding magazines and traditional floral centerpieces to creating an environment that speaks to who they are and why they are together.

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
I am very clear on this:  definitely Champagne or wine tasting, Manicure & Martini or Wine Tour & Hot Springs as I am clearly a lush.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
Carmen Electra or Kim Kardashian as both seem just sassy enough to spice things up and maybe Tim Gunn because he rocks.

What’s your most outrageous memory at a wedding?

A pick-pocketing mariachi followed by a freak wind storm which took out our centerpieces and ignited a number of small fires in the reception space, followed by a power outage, overflowing bathrooms, the mother of the bride falling in the pool, my staff and I having all of our clothes and shoes stolen and the fireworks guy getting arrested before he could set off the fireworks. After all this, ending the night by tumbling down cliffside stairs with 6 other vendors like drunk pirates on a ski slope…Clearly, this was in Mexico. And if I may brag, it was a masterpiece of coordination that we covered everything up so the guests had no idea that any of this happened including making new centerpieces in the 10 minutes before the guests arrived, putting out the fires, tripping the breakers to restore power, fixing and mopping the bathrooms, jumping in the pool with the mother of the bride to insinuate that it was an intentional pool party, stealing our clothes and shoes back from the vagrants who stole them and getting the fireworks guy out of jail then sending him out to sea in a rowboat so he could set them off from the ocean.  All in a day’s work, my friends.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?
Countryside or Mountain maybe forest…NOT beach.  I’m not a fan of sand as it’s a total menace and gets into everything…and prevents a girl from wearing heals.  Winter mountain scene with birch trees, furs and hot toddies could be amazing…long dramatic countryside tables are always fab – chandeliers over an open table overflowing with estate silver and crystal and mismatched china with rich bustled layered linens is always delicious…or a long reclaimed wood table in the forest with candelabras and heavy rustic glassware and china, bear skins and leather accents like a mid-century post battle feast – rad.

Who would you rather deal with: The hungover Groom, Interfering Mother of the Bride or a Bridezilla?
Hungover Groom EVERY TIME.  Interfering mothers and overindulged bridezillas who take themselves too seriously I have no patience for.

Kristin Banta Events

Kristin Banta Events

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
to make it your own.  You have one shot at this and it’s the most important party you are ever going to throw….it shouldn’t be about anyone other than you and your beau.  And if your groom isn’t involved, get him involved, find out which elements interest him as it’s as much his day as it is yours.    And don’t forget humor – it should be as present in the wedding day as heart and style.

Visit her website:

kristin Banta Events

kristin Banta Events

Bridal Shows

San Diego – The Convention Center

Aaaahhhh….lovely San Diego, what a great place to have a booth at a bridal show.  We were welcomed by a number of fabulous brides-to-be and Maid of Honors, even a few grooms who were being dragged round the event. Luckily for the grooms this show had some free samples of champagne to dull the pain. =)

Here’s Nadine with our new booth concept:

Our new bridal "shower" booth for bridal shows(say that 3 times fast).

Our new bridal "shower" booth for bridal shows(say that 3 times fast).

We came up with the idea of creating a shower (for bridal showers)!!!  James did a fab job of creating the masterpiece (not without help).

As always, we had wonderful neighbors, some of whom we will feature in our future  blog posts.

Orange County – Queen Mary

Ahoy Mateys…. It be time for an accounting of our recent show…. Ahem… We had a great time at the Queen Mary Bridal show. Amidst the art deco décor, the ocean, and sailors we managed to meet lots of wonderful brides and avoided having the theme from The Love Boat stuck in our heads. It was a tighter fit at this show, but we didn’t mind because once again our neighbors were fabulous. The crew from Silver Line Productions kept trying to steal our bachelorette sash and we tried to steal their candy. By the end of the show we were sugared up and Victor from SilverLine had the sash.

We’re looking forward to our next show when our booth will include a blow up doll(stay tuned for details)!!

Nadine and Victor from Silverline Productions after he finally got our sash!

Nadine and Victor from Silverline Productions after he finally got our sash!

FireFly Bachelor Events - Some of our new friends from the show

FireFly Bachelor Events - Some of our new friends from the show