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Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Links

Sunday Suppers DIY Martini Bar

Here’s some funny, cool, and out there bachelor/ette party links that we scrounged off the interwebs this week.

DIY Martini Bar –

Man is “abducted” in front of a restaurant “Old Schoo” style  for his party –

Adorable “Unmentionable” bachelorette invitations:

Another set of adorable invites:

Avoid Bars that Hate Bachelor parties(the man registry):

Men, Dresses, and Men in Dresses

This one is for all the fellas getting married out in blogland. We’ll let the video speak for itself:

The guys over at the Man Registry spend all day and night fighting for your liberation. They strive to find products and advice that will make the sales person at Bed, Bath, & Beyond blush.  So put down the registry gun before you scan one more matching tea cozy set. Now head over to The Man Registry and behold all the products that Al Bundy would want you to have. And while you’re there tell the Man Registry guys to lay off the dresses.

Here are some of our Man picks from their arsenal that might come in handy on a bachelor party:

The Tuxedo Shirt – We feel every man should wear one of these once in their lives.

Toro 51599 12 Amps Ultra 225 Electric Leaf Blower/Vac – Because you could do  - this –  with it.

Louisville Slugger – Because the only good defense is a good offense



Bachelor Party Cocktail Ideas

Chris Easter over at the Man Registry has released some proprietary bachelor party themed cocktails for the masses on Wedding Blog Party’s blog. From Jungle Juice to the Best Man Speech Cocktail, the Man Registry team has vouched for each of the listed recipes. Here’s a taste:

Best Man Speech – The drink gets its name because of the number of best man speeches it has been directly responsible for destroying.

Ingredients – 3 beers, 3 shots of whiskey, 1 can of frozen pink lemonade

Directions – Pour the beer, vodka, and lemonade into a pitcher and mix. Serve ice cold.

For more mixology  and sagelike wisdom that’s guaranteed to make you invincible socially, check out the original post on Wedding Blog Party:

We offer some bachelor party outings that involve a mean martini. You’ll learn how to make a drink that wouldn’t need Bond to make it cool. Here’s a couple of our Martini Making packages:

Quantum of Solace – Cocktail Making, Shooting, karting –

Martini Mayhem – Paintball, Cocktail Making –