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Tips for Planning Your Bachelorette Party

We have put together a few tips and pointers when choosing your  perfect bachelorette party with FireFly Group Events in Orange County or San Diego.

The secret of a good event is to plan ahead! We know how busy you are along with the responsibilities you have for the wedding. We know how stressful it can be planning an event, along with it being time consuming, that’s why the professionals at FireFly are here to help organize an event everyone is talking about for years to come. Each vendor we work with is a professional at what they do, they will take special care of you on your event – they say leave it to the experts, so we do.

Here are a few pointers:

  • You need to sit down with the bride and plan out the guest list. Chocolate making might not be good for the bride’s diabetic mother.
  • Think about the number of people you want to invite, up to 20 is usually a good number, any more and things might be hard to control and get out of hand
  • grannylapdanceSet the tone of the night, is it just your closest that are coming or will Grandma and your mother-in-law be invited as well – I am sure you don’t want your new mother in-law seeing you a little tipsy having a lap dance from a Chippendale!
  • Plan your bachelorette event a couple of months time prior to the big night or weekend – this will give you enough time for everyone invited to plan ahead, it also means you will definitely get the activities you have chosen.
  • Choose something unique for your event, remember this is a one off event for you and your friends and family to spend quality time together, cherish those relationships. Don’t waste it by just going out for dinner, then getting drunk and end up not remembering the fabulous event – there is more to life, so live it!
  • It is always a hassle collecting everyone’s money, especially when you don’t know everyone that is invited. With FireFly, you wont have to worry about this, you already have enough things to do. Everyone invited will log on and pay for their own seat, it means you wont be out of pocket if people don’t show up.
  • Decide if you want the bachelorette party to have a theme, think about what costumes, props and accessories you might need.  For example a burlesque theme. (check out our blog post to find some interesting themes)

cookingLesson_01 chocolateTasting_03naughty_02

Stay tuned for our next Tips for Planning Your San Diego Bachelorette Party.

Bachelorette Party Idea – Los Angeles Chocolate Making Class

Need a unique fun bachelorette party idea or girls night out? Love chcolate? Try getting your hands dirty yummy with one of our chocolate tasting adventures! You and your friends will be immersed in a world of chocolate in one of our super cute chocolate boutiques. Your bachelorette party never tasted soooo good! In your 90 minutes with a world class chocolatier  you’ll don chef hats and aprons, taste decadent bon bons, take a tour of the chocolate factory, and make your very own molded chocolate creation. You’ll get to pipe in the chocolate then sit back and enjoy a hot drink from the cafe while you wait for it to set. You’ll be able to choose molds that range from naughty to nice.  So Fun!!!

If you’re interested in a chocolate making experience in the Los Angeles area for your bachelorette party, birthday party, or girls night out we’ve got you covered. Try one of the packages below:

Chocoholic Poles Package – Pole dancing lesson then a chocolate making party

Not in the LA area? We also offer a chocolate tasting in San Diego:

Chocolate Goddess – Pole Dancing Lesson & Chocolate tasting that incorporates a wine pairing

Chocolate tasting can also be booked by itself. Give us a call at 877.267.1939 and we’ll get you started.

5 Great Bachelor Party Cities

Anywhere but Las Vegas! We hear that constantly in from bachelors that are weary of hearing about Vegas. It’s an institution but not everyone is into loud clubs, long lines, and a the Sin City light overload. A client recently  inspired us to put together 5 great bachelor party city alternatives to Las Vegas. We went looking for top bachelor party destinations that were strong in the following areas:

  • Transportation: Can you get around the city with your party without a car? Easily?
  • Lodging: Are there plenty of choices for hotels, motels, and vacation rentals? Are they friendly to bachelor parties?
  • Day/night Activities: Is there a nightlife? Is there a central area for the nightlife like a downtown? Is there stuff to do during the day?

With that criteria in mind we started looking and seeing which cities we felt a bachelor on his bachelor party could have some fun.

Golden Gate Bridge

Image by vgm8383 via Flickr

San Francisco

If you live in California then San Francisco is a no-brainer since it’s only a commuter flight or long drive away. For everyone else it’s sunny Southern California’s slight colder cousin to the north. Don’t let the lack of a plastic surgeon’s playground(orange county) fool you, it’s a prime destination for any bachelor party group. Their public transport is first-class. You can travel to any point in the city using BART or their trolley and bus system.  Your bachelor party  actually gets to choose from a few different neighborhoods to party in at night. Between North Beach and the Financial District you can find great restaurants, big clubs, cozy clubs, and a plenty in between. You can take daytime excursions to Napa Valley for some wine, jump in a kayak on the bay, or get your pulse up with some whitewater rafting. Here are a couple of party packages in the area:

Platinum Package: Defcon 4 – High-speed carting, stripper cruise, dinner, and shooting

Bachelors and Bullets – Shooting range and paintball

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Bachelor Party Ideas in San Diego

Looking for a great town for a bachelor party? San Diego should be at the top of your list for a place to party in California. Great night life, solid location, and plenty to do. There are plenty of activities for high strung, laid back, or hard partier.  Here’s a list of bachelor party ideas in the San Diego Area :

Beer Tasting – Yeah, you like drinking beer, but do you know the difference between ale and a lager? Can you tell a Tettnanger hop from a Cascade hop just by the floral aroma and taste? Or maybe you don’t care. Either way, you’ll have a great time blowing the frost off some great local microbrews with your best friends.

Check out some of our beer tasting packages

Ropes Course - Admit it: when you watch Indiana Jones movies, you always think you could do the stunts and make your way through the labyrinths you see on the screen. This is your chance to prove it on a high ropes course for the bachelor party. Test your puzzle-solving skills and athleticism 60 feet above ground! This is the definition of adventure. San Diego is home to some amazing courses.  Check out one of our previous ropes course parties.

Click here to see some Ropes Course bachelor party packages!

ATV Trips - The back tires throw up a rooster tail of sand as you blow through the last stretch of the beach, and then you’re slowing to start the ascent. These mountain trails were part of the Baja 500, you remember, and you grin and gun it. The quad growls beneath you and you rocket uphill. At the top is a stunning view of Mexican terrain, a view and an experience you and your buddies will never forget. An ATV trip in the gorgeous landscape around San Diego captures the heart of bachelor party.  A few guys getting together for one last adventure (until the next one).

Click here to see our ATV adventures!

Paintball – You dive for cover just as a flurry of paintball rounds splatter on the ground behind you. That was close—too close. You call out for your teammates to lay down some covering fire, but no one answers. It’s just you now, and oh yeah, the guys waiting to put a paintball between your shoulder blades. You’ve got mad skills, though, and now’s the time to prove it.  Do you have what it takes to see the Groom through?

Click here to see our Paintball excursions!

Rock Climbing -  Some 50 feet below you, at the bottom of the rock face, your friends are watching, and beyond them stretches the desert, dotted with the one-of-a-kind Joshua trees. You take a deep breath of desert air, then reach up to start the final crux of the climb and hope your arms and legs don’t give out on you. San Diego sports some phenomenal rock climbing spots. Get the crew together and jump on the rocks for a crazy fun adventure

Click here to see our Climbing Adventures

Shooting – Sorry, but your shooting skills in Nintendo’s Duck Hunt don’t prove anything. It’s time to step into a real shooting range, strap on a real-life firearm, and test your skills on a modern 8-position skills challenge. The competition is on and bragging rights are at stake. Grab a gun and prove whether you’re a Dirty Harry or a Dirty Mary. Don’t let the rest of the Groom’s friends show you up…

Click here to view our Shooting bachelor party outings!

Sarthak’s Last Stand – San Diego Bachelor Party


We received an email from Sarthak’s Best Man Josh a few weeks ago. He was looking for some “fun stuff outdoors” in San Diego as he sat freezing in his apartment in Chicago. Fun? Outdoors? Welcome to our world Josh! A few emails later we had packaged our kick awesome ropes course with a trip on the Pacific in kayaks for Sarthak’s bachelor party. Sarthak and crew were cool enough to let us send a camera along. We got to see first hand what a funny, adventurous, tight knit group of friends he has. Thanks guys!


Sarthak picked the nickname on everyone’s name tag… names like Dinglebarry, Akon, Rapey, and Big Wang were par for the course. It’s his party he can call you whatever he wants.

Sarthak Blog

Our group had a blast on the ropes course! Ryan, [the facilitator], not only showed us what to do, but also brought us together for some heartfelt moments. — Govind



Sarthak must have some SERIOUS mojo because despite the ominous clouds, no rain fell on this group.


Sarthak was the first man up and set the tone for the rest of the group….

bach final





The zip line was ridiculous! – Jason



Here’s Josh sporting Best Man Chic for a leisurely stroll down to the ocean.


bach final1



San Diego Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

San DiegoHands down, San Diego is one of our favorite locations to help the best man or maid of honor throw a party. It’s close to the ocean, has a great nightlife, and the people are friendly. Between the Gaslamp, Little Italy, Coronado, and Old town you’ll be able to find whatever you need for a bachelor party. When we look for new locations for our events we take a few things into account.

  • Transportation - is it easy to get around?
  • Proximity – Is everything ie. bars, clubs, hotels, etc close to each other? Are there some cool daytime excursions close to the area for the bachelorette party?
  • Saturation - Does the area have a strong selection of clubs, restaurants, bars, etc?
  • Safety – Would a group feel comfortable wandering around the streets at 2 in the morning?
  • Lodging – What’s the hotel or vacation rental situation?

In San Diego a bachelor party can easily ride ATVs during the day, take a brewery tour in the evening, and then party hard through the night. The bachelorette party won’t feel left out either because we have packages that chocolate tasting to trapeze lessons. So if you’re looking for the best southern California spot for a bachelor or bachelor party, our money is San Diego. Did we mention it’s on the ocean?

San Diego Bachelor Party Packages:

  • False Starts - High Performance Karting followed by a victory lap of local breweries.
  • Massage the Birdie – Round of golf followed by a 50 min massage. Try and avoid pulling a Tiger though.
  • Fried Fish – A private chartered boat for some deep sea fishing

San Diego Bachelorette Party Packages:

  • Stress Relief - relax on a sunset sail then head into town to a super cool cafe where you can smash plates and glasses against the wall.
  • Dangerous Beauty - Channel Charlie’s Angels as you fire handguns, swing from a trapeze, and learn some sexy moves in a pole dancing studio.
  • Miss Behave – Step in front of the camera and give your man a gift to keep him warm at night. This sexy boudoir session will unleash your inner goddess.

Bachelor Party – Deep Sea Fishing

I love fish and chips smothered in vinegar and served up in a newspaper….. agh I miss a good ole chippie!  In fact, I love most seafood.  I LOVED shark fishing in South Africa and Piranha fishing in Bolivia. However, I haven’t made it deep sea fishing yet. What?! I know, I know, it’s on my list. =) Luckily for you Best Main and Maids of Honor we have some friends that were able to make some solid recommendations for California fishing.

You can either go out on a private boat or on an open boat that accommodates up to 70 people.  The trips range from half days, to overnight trips.  It’s a great way to bond and literally catch a bite to eat.  Some boats, for a small charge, will even clean the fish for you (trust me its worth it, your fiance will appreciate it). Either choice will make for a bachelor or bachelorette party to remember. We offer fishing party packages in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Check out our different ‘Open Boat’ packages:

  • Fish Fry – 3 Course Dinner & Half Day Open Boat Fishing
  • Fishy Pints – Beer Tasting & Half Day Open Boat Fishing
  • Fish & Fare – Half Day Open Party Boat Fishing
  • School Party – Half Day Open Party Boat Fishing & Party Bus

You can also ‘Charter’ your own boat, check out the following packages:

Flying high at your bachlorette party: Trapeze Lessons

Watch out, Cirque Du Soleil! Here you come! You and your girly daredevils will take to the sky and soar like the sexy Tinkerbells you are on your bachelorette party. Our seasoned professionals will guide you in a completely safe and totally empowering day of flying. It’s an amazing workout and the most fun you’ve ever had in a harness (well, maybe).

Your bachelor or bachelorette party will learn how to swing on a trapeze, perform various tricks in the air including being caught by a catcher on another trapeze, which is nothing short of thrilling. You will practice climbing and jumping, and you’ll be privy to some cool trapezey lingo – listo, ready, hep…Combine the trapeze with shooting and pole dancing and you’ll have a Charlie’s Angels style good time.

Here are a few bachelorette packages that we offer on our FireFly Website


If you like adrenaline and speed but aren’t quite sure if you want to throw yourself off a bridge, then an ATV trip is perfect for you.  Especially when you have a guide that will give you pointers and tips to keep you safe.  I love  adventure! From bungee jumping in Africa,  rafting down the Zambezi,  jumping out of a plane in New Zealand, abseiling off Table Mountain and moutain biking down the most dangerous road in Bolivia to trying an ATV trip here in the States – I was definitely not disappointed.

These bachelor and bachelorette packages have a positive grunt factor for the boys. But what I love about these packages for bachlorette parties is that on your ATV adventure, not only do you go to Mexico but you can end your tour with wine tasting or a fabulous spa treatment – hello…. can life get any better?

We’ve listed a few of our favorite bachelor and bachelorette party ATV Tours in either Mexico or San Diego:

For the Men: Bachelor Party ATV Packages

4x4x12oz – ATV Trip in San Diego followed by Beer Tasting

4x4xFork – ATV Half Day followed by 3 Course Dinner

For the Women: Bachelorette Party ATV Packages

Grape Adventures – ATV trip to Mexico with Wine Tasting.

4x4xFork – ATV Trip in San Diego followed by Dinner.

Happy Adventures,


Bridal Shows

San Diego – The Convention Center

Aaaahhhh….lovely San Diego, what a great place to have a booth at a bridal show.  We were welcomed by a number of fabulous brides-to-be and Maid of Honors, even a few grooms who were being dragged round the event. Luckily for the grooms this show had some free samples of champagne to dull the pain. =)

Here’s Nadine with our new booth concept:

Our new bridal "shower" booth for bridal shows(say that 3 times fast).

Our new bridal "shower" booth for bridal shows(say that 3 times fast).

We came up with the idea of creating a shower (for bridal showers)!!!  James did a fab job of creating the masterpiece (not without help).

As always, we had wonderful neighbors, some of whom we will feature in our future  blog posts.

Orange County – Queen Mary

Ahoy Mateys…. It be time for an accounting of our recent show…. Ahem… We had a great time at the Queen Mary Bridal show. Amidst the art deco décor, the ocean, and sailors we managed to meet lots of wonderful brides and avoided having the theme from The Love Boat stuck in our heads. It was a tighter fit at this show, but we didn’t mind because once again our neighbors were fabulous. The crew from Silver Line Productions kept trying to steal our bachelorette sash and we tried to steal their candy. By the end of the show we were sugared up and Victor from SilverLine had the sash.

We’re looking forward to our next show when our booth will include a blow up doll(stay tuned for details)!!

Nadine and Victor from Silverline Productions after he finally got our sash!

Nadine and Victor from Silverline Productions after he finally got our sash!

FireFly Bachelor Events - Some of our new friends from the show

FireFly Bachelor Events - Some of our new friends from the show