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Vendor Love – Just Wenderful

Just Wenderful

Wendy from Just Wenderful is a fabulous addition to your wedding or event.  She helps couples create a flawless wedding day.  She makes you feel at ease as soon as you meet her and your wish is her command - she is a true delight.  She  is bursting with great ideas and inspiration to truly make this YOUR day.  Ask her about her fabulous candy buffets which,  in my eyes, is a must for every wedding.

Thanks Wendy.

What is your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?

My favorite trend is not a trend at all!  It’s those twists on trends that couples come up with whether it be an ice cream bar buffet instead of the candy buffet or the framed backdrop for pictures instead of a photo booth. I love the couples who think outside the box!

What are the advantages of hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding?

HUGE advantages!  From the planning stages, we will refer you to the best vendors (which we’ve worked with before and trust) and stay within your budget.  On the day of, there are countless tasks that we take care of you so you can enjoy YOUR day.  We supervise set up so that it goes accordingly and we’re on top of the time line so we don’t run out of time, just to list a few things.


What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?

The kayaking/wine tasting/sailing package would have to be my pick!  There were so many packages to choose from but this one has everything!  Kayaking for my adventurous girls and wine tasting while sailing for a relaxing finish.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?

Sandra Bullock just because I love her!  Ingrid Michaelson so we can sing kumbaya-style and Wayne Brady for the laughs!  He can strip if he wants to too!  Ha!

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory, either one you have planned or one you have been a guest?

Drunk guests are always funny.  I always worry about it becoming an issue, but it never has, thank God!  Lately, one of the bridemaid’s zipper broke of her dress, but she was buzzing away, dancing and showing her panties like no one’s business.  All was good!


Which wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?

Definitely beach!  My own wedding was in Long Beach right in front of Mr. Pacific Ocean and I loved it.  I think breathing that beachy, fresh air made me less nervous!

If you could give one piece of wedding advice to a couple, what would that be………..?

Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Personalize your wedding with the little things you love about yourselves and each other and most importantly, please enjoy your day!  Once 12 pm hits on that clock, you’ll realize that it went by too fast!

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Vendor Love – Creative Events by Ashley

Creative EventsCreative Events by Ashley is a wedding and events co-ordinator in the San Fransisco area of California.  Ashley is doing what she was born to do and that is wedding planning and design.   She is currently a Co-Director for the Association of Bridal Consultants in the Bay Area.  Her team creates extraordinary events that are representative of each of their clients personalities and individual styles.  They are there to help make your wedding uniquely personal.  Thanks Ashley for your great advice and fun feature!

What’s your favorite or most popular trend in your field?

My favorite trend right now is that that many couples are choosing to go back to the traditional wedding with the pinks and champagne colors schemes.  I love the romantic wedding with lace, candlelight and tons of flowers.

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party in San Francisco?

I would pick the Culinary Walking Tour – Aromatic Luxury.  What can I say I am a sucker for good food and who doesn’t love a great spa treatment.

Creative Events by Ashley

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?

Hmmmm so many people so little time.  I would have to say I would invite the women from the Sex and the City.  They know how to have a good time and love good food and good drinks.

What’s your most outrageous wedding memory?

My  most outrageous wedding memory is when I did a wedding in Carmel and it was going to be a beach wedding. My staff and I had staked out the area on the beach where the ceremony was going to be.  Throughout the morning we watched the area to make sure the waves were not going to wash it out.  Sure enough the waves got higher and higher about an a hour before the ceremony was suppose to start  a huge wave broke and wiped out the entire ceremony area.  We had to find another place on the beach and get everything set up and ready to go in less then an hour.  It ended up being a beautiful ceremony and a great memory and learning experience for my staff and I!

Creative Events by Ashley

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…

If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be to remember that it is about the marriage and not the wedding.  Before going into the planning process decide two or three things that you must have and know that you may have to comprise on some other areas to get those things.  I would also say hire a planner.  They help you stay within your budget, take the stressful parts of planning off of you and make it so you can enjoy every aspect of your day.

Thanks again Ashley! Look for Ashley if you’re ever in need of an amazing planner in Northern California.

Creative Events by Ashley –

Vendor Love – The Stylish Soiree

YelenaThe truly talented Yelena Johnson, is the Creative Director of The Stylish Soiree, they plan charming, unforgettable weddings and events for her style-obsessed clients. The Stylish Soiree is known for their passion and dedication for creating impeccably styled, detailed weddings that look natural and effortlessly beautiful, never overdone. Yelena’s background as a fashion editor gave birth to The Stylish Soiree’s signature offering,which is included in every full service package: personal styling for the bride and bridal party. From bridal headpieces to colorful coordinating socks for the groomsmen, their fashion expertise ensures that everyone arrives looking their absolute best. When planning new events, The Stylish Soiree utilizes details of the couples life and relationship as a springboard for inspiration and creativity.  Thanks Yelena for sharing.
What’s your favorite trend for weddings at the moment?

I love the soft, vintage trend for weddings. It’s timeless and romantic without being too heavy on a theme. Plus, if it looked beautiful 50 years ago and is equally lovely today, chances are you won’t regret the look ten years down the road when you bust out your wedding albums.

The Stylish Soiree

The Stylish Soiree

What FireFly package would you pick for your bachelorette party?
Hands down, I would have to choose the Grape Escape. I’ve been in love with the Napa Valley since I first stepped foot onto its picturesque, rolling vineyards. The food and wine selections in Napa are akin to nirvana for a foodie like myself, and I can’t imagine a better bachelorette party than a day spent indulging in delectable Napa foods, wine tasting and pampering.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
If I could have invited three famous people on my bachelorette party I would have chosen Rachel McAdams, Audrey Hepburn and Whitney Port.  Completely random, yes, but my rationale is that each of these women have that rare mix of being genuine and down to earth yet fun, stylish and fabulous – just the type of people I would want to add to my already-amazing group of real life girlfriends.

What’s your most outrageous memory at a wedding?
One of the groomsmen was so inebriated that he ran smack into the glass entrance door to the hotel on the way back to his room, causing it to fall off the hinge and come crashing to the ground. Luckily the door was crafted from shatter-proof glass, but it was still pretty unbelievable.

The Stylish SoireeWhich wedding are you: Beach, Mountain, Forest, or Countryside?

Definitely countryside! Although I grew up by the beach my whole life, I’ve always been drawn to the natural beauty of the countryside – be it a quaint vintage farmhouse or a stately English manor with overgrown rose gardens, there’s an innately romantic allure with country weddings that can’t be duplicated in the middle of the city.  I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and live for flowers, animals and farm fresh foods, so the countryside it is.

Who would you rather deal with: The hungover Groom, Interfering Mother of the Bride or a Bridezilla?

The hungover groom is easiest to deal with, since I always carry powerful B vitamin energy drinks, Advil and Tums with me in my emergency kit. The Interfering Mother of the Bride would come next since I have a knack for diffusing stress and can get along with just about anyone. A true Bridezilla is always the hardest to please, since most Bridezillas are not acting from a place of rationality!

The Stylish Soiree

The Stylish Soiree

Finish this sentence: If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be…
Find a gorgeous venue that already serves delicious food on site. A naturally beautiful venue ensures perfect photo backdrops and dramatically cuts the cost of decor and rentals, while a fabulous on-site restaurant saves the potential hassle of bringing in an outside caterer, waiters, bar staff, tables, dishes, glasses and cutlery. The venue hunt can be the most challenging and grueling part of planning, but finding the perfect spot for your wedding is really the most important step you can take… next to hiring the right event designer & planner, of course. ;)